What is the Dosage and Efficacy of Artesunate Tablets?

The dosage of Artesunate Tablets is 50mg once, with the first dose doubled, twice a day for 5 consecutive days. It is very suitable for the rescue of various critical malaria cases. It belongs to a ty

What Are the Signs of Light Sleep?

Shallow Sleep Manifestations Shallow sleep is characterized by poor sleep quality, as individuals may be easily woken up by minor sounds. Discomfort in certain body parts can also lead to insomnia. In

What Are the Potential Hazards of Hormone Medications on the Body?

Long-term use of hormonal drugs can lead to obesity, hirsutism, and personality changes. Therefore, hormonal drugs should not be taken for a long time. After the symptoms are relieved, the dosage can

What Are the Functions, Benefits, and Side Effects of B1 and B12?

Vitamin B1 is commonly referred to as b1, while vitamin B12 is commonly referred to as b12. The functions and benefits of vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 mainly include supplementing vitamin B and nourishi

What are the Functions, Benefits, and Side Effects of B1 and B13?

Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B13 Vitamin B1 generally refers to thiamine, while vitamin B13 typically refers to orotic acid. The main functions and benefits of vitamin B1 include the prevention and treatme

What Are the Benefits of Kebi Gutai Capsules?

Kebi Gutai Capsules have the effects of dispelling wind and promoting circulation, clearing heat and resolving dampness, activating blood and relieving pain, etc. They belong to a type of traditional

What Are the Benefits and Potential Risks of Jin Chongcao Capsules?

The main functions of Jinchongcao Capsule include replenishing qi and blood, enhancing kidney function, and improving sleep quality. The harmfulness is relatively small, but long-term use may lead to

What Are the Effects and Functions of Changxiulin Insulin?

Long-acting insulin, also known as Changxiulin insulin, can effectively lower blood sugar levels and is currently a fundamental medication for glycemic control. Through modern biotechnology, Changxiul

What Are the Hazards of Pesticide Residues to Human Health?

Pesticide residues pose numerous hazards to human health. They can lead to gastrointestinal diseases, increase the burden on the liver, weaken the immune system, affect the normal function of the hema

How to Reduce Breast Milk Production?

Reducing milk production can be achieved by altering dietary habits or taking certain medications. This can be done by avoiding soups and foods that promote lactation, such as crucian carp soup, eggs,

What Are the Hazards of Children Staying Up Late?

The hazards of staying up late for children mainly manifest as affecting their normal physical development, leading to impacts on their intelligence, weakening of their physical resistance, and causin

How Long Should We Wait to Have Sex After Using Baicao Fuyanqing?

Baicao Fuyanqing usually refers to Baicao Fuyanqing Suppository. It is generally recommended to wait for three days after stopping Baicao Fuyanqing Suppository before having sex, in order to avoid aff

Why Do Teenagers Experience Heartache?

There are many reasons for heart pain in adolescents, such as congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, aortic dissection aneurysm, tuberculous pericarditis, pleurisy, etc. Of course, some ot

What Are the Benefits of the Four-Red Blood-Enriching Porridge?

Four-Red Blood-Enriching Porridge The Four-Red Blood-Enriching Porridge has the function of enriching blood, promoting metabolism in the human body, accelerating the speed of secretion in the body, p

Why Do I Feel Cold on My Body?

Coldness of the body can be caused by various reasons. Insufficient and poor quality sleep, high blood sugar levels, iron-deficiency anemia, or illness can all lead to the sensation of coldness. It i

What Are the Hazards of Excessive Sexual Indulgence for Men?

Many men in life do not have restraint in their sexual activities, often overindulging, which causes great harm to their bodies and induces many male diseases. Excessive indulgence in sex can affect t

What Should I Do If Something Gets Stuck in My Throat?

In our daily diet, we often get stuck with various foods in our throat, and many foods are particularly hard, making it difficult to remove them from the throat and causing certain damage to the throa

What Are the Important Considerations for Chemotherapy?

For cancer patients, chemotherapy is a necessary hurdle to overcome. Many cancer patients regain their health through chemotherapy, while some others extend their lifespan. This demonstrates the signi

What are the Benefits and Effects of Soapberry Wine?

The Effects and Benefits of Soapberry Infused in Wine The effects and benefits of soapberry infused in wine include cancer prevention, improved immunity, detoxification and swelling reduction, and enh

What Should I Do If I Cant Burp?

If you cannot burp, you can try pressing and rubbing the tiger's mouth area, taking deep breaths, drinking some warm water, or taking oral gastric motility and digestive stimulant medications. Another

What Are the Causes of Disease Occurrence?

Causes and Prevention of Diseases The causes of diseases include infectious factors, physical and chemical factors, genetic factors, bodily factors, psychological and social factors, etc. The normal

The Pros and Cons of Drinking Peppercorn Water: What You Need to Know

Benefits and Drawbacks of Drinking Pepper Water The benefits of drinking pepper water include increasing appetite, stopping vomiting and diarrhea, improving resistance, and treating cold pain in the

Why Does My Babys Bottom Leak Poop?

Leakage of feces from a baby's buttocks may be caused by abdominal cold, indigestion, immature anal sphincter, or normal physiological phenomena. Possible reasons include: abdominal cold leading to di

Why Does the Area Around My Ear Hurt When Pressed?

Pain around the ears and head when pressed may be caused by local soft tissue injury, blocked hair follicles, inflammation, masses, or vascular spasms. If accompanied by hematoma formation, it is nece

Why Does My Right Thumb Tremble and What Should I Do?

Trembling of the right thumb may be caused by neurological disorders, and it is necessary to promptly identify the cause and provide targeted treatment. If it is caused by fatigue, it can be alleviate

Why Do My Nose and Throat Feel Dry and Painful?

Dryness and pain in the nose and throat may be caused by upper respiratory infections, severe pollution in work and physiological environments, chronic rhinitis, or pharyngitis. After experiencing suc

What Are the Potential Hazards of Constantly Wearing Massage Slippers?

Hazards of Long-term Wearing of Massage Slippers Long-term wearing of massage slippers can pose various hazards, including impeding foot development, causing muscle damage, leading to flat feet, and

Why Do Hair Become Greasy? How to Manage It Effectively?

Causes and Solutions for Greasy Hair Greasy hair is often caused by factors such as a greasy diet and endocrine disorders. It can be managed through dietary changes and maintaining good hygiene. Greas

How to Deal with Inflammation of the Upper Eyelid?

Upper Eyelid Inflammation and Its Treatment Upper eyelid inflammation can be treated with alcohol disinfection, medication, or surgical procedures depending on the severity of the condition. Poor eye

What Are the Effects of Butylphthalide Soft Capsules?

Butylphthalide Soft Capsules Butylphthalide Soft Capsules are used to treat ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, exhibiting strong anti-cerebral ischemia effects and inhibiting thrombus formation. Howev