How Long Do the Effects of Facial Lipolysis Injections Last?

Some adults still have baby fat on their faces, and some women dislike the baby fat on their faces and want to remove it through some methods. Lipolysis injection is a kind of injection that can disso

Why Does It Hurt in the Center of My Scalp?

Headache on the top of the head may be caused by a lack of vitamins in the body or excessive use of the brain due to long-term work. It could also be a brain disease, which requires hospital examinati

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Knee Replacement Surgery?

The recovery time after knee replacement surgery is 3 months, and the recovery of the knee joint should be observed postoperatively. On the third day after knee surgery, patients can use a walker for

Is it Good for a Male Baby to Have a Broken Palm on the Right Hand?

The fact that a male baby has a broken palm on his right hand is actually neither good nor bad. It is a folk legend, so don't be too superstitious about it. Traditional views believe that people with

What Are the Functions and Benefits of Mugwort Leaf?

Moxa Leaf, also known as Wormwood, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, menstrual regulation, hemostasis, and skin itch relief effects. 1. Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Effects: According to m

Is There Any Risk Associated with Upper Face Laxity Surgical Procedures?

Nowadays, not only women, but also some men pay great attention to their appearance and often visit medical cosmetic hospitals. There are many cosmetic procedures available in medical cosmetic institu

What Are the Benefits and Effects of Licorice Tablets?

Licorice tablets have the following efficacies: removing phlegm and stopping cough, clearing heat and detoxifying, tonifying the spleen and invigorating qi, harmonizing various drugs, and relieving pa

Why Does My Ear Feel Like Its Pierced When I Blow My Nose?

The sensation of ears feeling like being pierced while blowing the nose is most likely caused by excessive force leading to eardrum perforation, which can cause significant discomfort to the patient,

Why Do I Always Feel Hungry After Eating Recently?

Recently, I have been feeling that I can't seem to get enough to eat, which may be related to a large appetite, but it cannot be ruled out that it is caused by reasons such as hypermotility of the int

What Should I Do When I Feel Nauseous After Eating Something in the Morning?

Morning nausea and vomiting after breakfast may be caused by throat problems, pregnancy, gastritis, or gastric ulcer. This can be alleviated by eating throat-soothing foods or sour and sweet fruits, f

What Tests Should I Take If I Suspect a Problem with My Liver?

Liver Health: Symptoms, Tests, and Prevention The liver is the most vital metabolic organ in the human body, purifying the blood daily. Any malfunction in the liver can lead to abnormal bodily functi

What Should I Do If My D-Dimer Level Is High in the Third Trimester?

Throughout the entire pregnancy, women are extremely cautious and eagerly anticipating the arrival of their baby. However, during the late stages of pregnancy, various physical indicators become cruci

Can Drinking Corn Silk Water Regularly Help with Weight Loss?

Nowadays, many people are overweight, and some adopt unhealthy methods to achieve rapid weight loss. Although they have lost weight, their health has also been damaged. Therefore, obese people should

Any Tricks to Remove Something Stuck in My Throat?

If something sticks to the throat, it can be removed by licking the upper jaw with the tongue, removing it by oneself, or seeking medical attention to clamp it out. First, roll the tongue down and try

Should a uric acid level of 550 be treated?

Generally, uric acid levels of 550 require treatment. This is because a uric acid level of 550 falls under the category of hyperuricemia. According to relevant treatment guidelines for hyperuricemia,

Is It Normal for It to Become Hard Whenever Its Hugged?

The phenomenon of becoming rigid upon being hugged may be a normal physiological reaction in males. An increase in hormones when in contact with the opposite sex naturally manifests in hidden areas, b

How to Eliminate the Mad Cow Disease Virus?

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, commonly known as "mad cow disease," refers to a disease caused by the mad cow virus. This virus cannot be killed by routine disinfection methods and requires high-te

How Much Does Microsurgery Typically Cost?

The cost of micro-plastic surgery generally ranges from 2000 yuan to 20,000 yuan. The specific cost needs to be judged according to the scope and items of the plastic surgery, as well as the hospital'

Is NST 10 Normal for Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring?

A NST score of 10 on fetal heart rate monitoring indicates good fetal development and is considered normal. Typically, between the eighth and ninth month of pregnancy, doctors will include fetal heart

Why Does the Screen of My Mobile Phone Appear to Bulge When Viewed Through Glasses?

The protrusion of the phone screen when wearing glasses is caused by an excessively high prescription or by the curvature of the lens causing image distortion. The higher the degree of myopia, the gre

What is the Brownish Paste Discharged by Xiaomishuan?

Xiaomishuan is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that has excellent effects on cervical erosion and cervicitis. It needs to be applied vaginally, and its effectiveness should be guaranteed under

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Breast Enhancement Products?

Long-term use of hormone-based breast enhancement products will definitely affect breast health. The occurrence of breast cancer is closely related to endocrine disorders in the body. High levels of e

Why Are There Blood Vessels in My Eyes When Wearing Contact Lenses?

The presence of blood vessels in the eyes when wearing contact lenses is caused by prolonged oxygen deprivation. When contact lenses have low oxygen permeability, are worn for extended periods, or are

How Can I Help My Baby to Start the Birth Process Faster?

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is considered full-term, and may be ready to be born at any time. If there are no signs of approaching childbirth by the expected delivery date, the pregnant woman

Why Do People Feel Nervous When Measuring Blood Pressure? How to Cope with It?

If anxiety is caused every time blood pressure is measured, it is a normal psychological reaction. Patients often feel numbness in their scalp and may also experience anxiety and stress when visiting

Why Do I Sleep So Deeply?

Sleeping deeply may be caused by excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, anemia, hypotension, hypertension, and other reasons. Patients need to improve their condition through daily care and medication to r

Can Pregnant Women Consume Dried Mushrooms?

Dry mushrooms usually refer to dried shiitake mushrooms. Pregnant women can eat them, but they must be careful not to consume too much. The interferon in dried shiitake mushrooms can effectively inhib

What Diseases Cause Iliac Fossa Effusion, and How Can It Be Treated?

Iliac Fossa Effusion: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments Iliac fossa effusion can be caused by abscesses formed due to infection or tuberculous diseases. Treatments include oral administration of analge

What Could Be the Cause of Discharging a Meat-Like Mass During Menstruation?

The excretion of flesh-like masses during menstruation is the shedding of the endometrium. Besides blood, menstruation also discharges endometrial fragments, cervical mucus, and vaginal epithelial cel

What is SD? What kind of medication is it?

SD, which stands for sulfadiazine, is a kind of sulfa drug that is artificially synthesized with medium effect. When using sulfadiazine, it is recommended to drink plenty of water or take oral sodium