What Food Is Good for Women After Uterine Clearance?

After a woman undergoes uterine cleaning, it is recommended to consume egg and jujube soup or lychee and jujube soup. Additionally, medication prescribed by a doctor can also be taken to replenish blo

What Are the Potential Effects of a Choroid Fissure Cyst in the Right Temporal Lobe?

The impact of choroidal fissure cyst in the right temporal lobe mainly includes insomnia, irritability, headache, and limb convulsions. It is necessary to actively cooperate with doctors for treatment

How to Remove Fat Granules at the Corner of the Eyes?

The fat granules in the corners of the eyes can be removed by using low-fat yogurt, hot towel compresses, direct popping, improving diet, and other methods. Here are the specific steps: 1. Using Low-

Can the stomach digest starch?

I. Can the stomach digest starch? The stomach is not capable of digesting starch, rather, it is the pancreas that digests starch. The stomach mainly secretes gastric acid and pepsinogen. The primary f

Is it Safe to Wear Gold Bracelets During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy generally refers to gestation, during which wearing gold bracelets is generally acceptable and will not affect the mother or the fetus. However, long-term wearing is not recommended. Gold br

What Are the Health Benefits of Red Bean, Yellow Bean, and Peanut Soy Milk?

Benefits of Red Beans, Yellow Beans, Peanuts, and Soybean Milk Red beans have the effects of promoting water metabolism to reduce swelling, promoting gastrointestinal motility, and delaying the rise

Why Does a Seven-Month-Old Baby Lean Forward When Sitting?

A seven-month-old baby leaning forward while sitting may indicate that the baby's muscle coordination, bone development, and nervous system are not yet fully mature. When babies are six to seven month

Can a follicle of 27×25 mm become fertile for conception?

Ovary 27x25 May Have Fertilization Potential, Hospital Visit Recommended for Concerns Regarding Fertility An ovary size of 27x25 has the potential for fertilization. If there are concerns about its im

What Should I Do If My Skin Below Is Broken?

Female Genital Care and Treatment for Skin Breaks The female genital area is highly sensitive and vulnerable, thus requiring utmost attention and care. Slight negligence can lead to serious consequenc

Should I Use a Mixture of White Vinegar and Salt to Wash My Face? Pros and Cons Explored

The Pros and Cons of Using White Vinegar and Salt for Facial Cleansing The benefit of using white vinegar and salt for facial cleansing is that it can make the skin tone whiter, tenderer, and finer.

Can I Have Breakfast Before Undergoing a 3D Scan?

When undergoing some medical examinations, we know that postprandial examination can have a significant impact on the results, especially for blood tests. In many cases, breakfast is not allowed to av

Do Mosquitoes Prefer Type O Blood?

There is generally no scientific evidence to support the claim that mosquitoes prefer to bite people with type O blood. Mosquito bites are typically not directly related to blood type, but mainly depe

How to Calculate the Height of a Fetus During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy usually refers to the gestational period. Typically, the height of the fetus equals the square of the gestational month before the fifth month, and after the fifth month, the height of the f

What Are the Benefits and Effects of Zhongyao Zhongjiefeng?

The traditional Chinese medicine Zhongjiefeng has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, promoting blood circulation and dispelling spots, dispelling wind and unblocking collaterals. It can be

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Early Pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, there may be signs such as fatigue, menstrual pause, and loss of appetite. 1. Signs of Early Pregnancy 1. Fatigue: Many pregnant women may feel fatigue and weakness

When is the Best Time to Take Fushu Pills? Who Are They Suitable for?

I. Optimal Time for Taking Fushu Pills Fushu Pills are generally recommended to be taken after meals, which is beneficial for digestion and absorption. This medicine is suitable for people with blood

What Are the Diseases Related to the Kidneys?

Renal Diseases and Their Causes There are numerous renal diseases, including infectious diseases such as acute pyelonephritis and chronic pyelonephritis, as well as non-infectious diseases like acute

Can Wuweizi Granules be taken for a long time?

Schisandra Granules Schisandra granules are commonly used in clinical practice and can effectively regulate various symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, lethargy, spontaneous sweating, short

What is amniotic fluid like? Is it viscous?

Amniotic fluid feels non-sticky, and it is colorless and odorless, without any viscosity. If pregnant women feel sticky secretions, it is not amniotic fluid, but usually vaginal discharge. When amniot

How Should You Consume Soybeans to Maximize Calcium Absorption?

The Correct Way to Consume Soybeans for Calcium Supplementation The correct way to consume soybeans for calcium supplementation is to eat them directly or in the form of north or south style tofu, as

Why is My Abdomen Getting Bigger?

Abdominal enlargement is mostly associated with pregnancy, but it can also be caused by indigestion, constipation, and uterine fibroids. Targeted treatment measures are required. 1. Pregnancy During

How to Suppress Melanin Production in the Body?

Melanin is a black substance produced during human metabolism, often found in cells within the body, and more prevalent on the surface of the skin, thus giving the skin a darker appearance. To inhibit

How Should I Clean the Dirt in My Belly Button?

The dirt in the navel can be cleaned by applying a small amount of edible oil, gently wiping it off with a cotton swab, and then rinsing it thoroughly. Alternatively, you can use a cotton swab dipped

Can Your Breasts Still Grow After Age 20?

Breast Development and Enhancement Methods Some women may have smaller breasts, which can be a source of concern and dissatisfaction. They often desire for their breasts to be larger. However, after

What is Neural Targeted Repair Therapy?

Neural Targeting Repair Therapy With the continuous development and advancement of modern medical technology, there have been numerous changes in the treatment of many diseases, especially in the trea

What Should I Do If My Baby Wasnt Given the BCG Vaccine at Birth?

Vaccination Schedule and Considerations for BCG in Infants For the health of babies, China mandates the administration of vaccines at several stages after birth and during development. The first vacc

Which Vitamin Helps to Fight Aging?

Vitamins for Anti-Aging Everyone fears aging, but we cannot stop the increase in age. As time goes by, the signs of aging gradually increase. Therefore, how to delay aging and fight against it has be

Why Is the Fetal Heart Rate Too Fast at 37 Weeks? What Should I Do?

When pregnancy reaches 37 weeks, it belongs to the late stage of pregnancy. At this time, the fetal movements will be more obvious. To ensure the health of the fetus and the pregnant woman, the pregna

Is it Safe for Pregnant Women to Consume Liver?

Pregnant Women and Liver Consumption In the eyes of the majority of people, pig liver is considered a highly nutritional food that can help replenish iron. Therefore, many people regularly consume pi

What Are the Medicinal Differences Between Peach Kernels and Apricot Kernels?

Differences between Peach Kernel and Apricot Kernel Both peach kernel and apricot kernel have many benefits for the body if used regularly and appropriately. The main difference between peach kernel