Is Infant Massage Forbidden?

Pediatric tuina is not prohibited, but it should be performed by professionals. Pediatric tuina, also known as pediatric massage, refers to the use of specific techniques on specific parts of children

What are the Basic Lung Pathologies?

The basic lung lesions mainly include pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung nodules, interstitial pneumonia, etc. Targeted treatment measures need to be taken according to the etiology to prevent the continuo

Which Blood Pressure Monitor Is the Best?

Once hypertension occurs, patients need to take antihypertensive drugs daily. However, sometimes, if there are significant emotional fluctuations, blood pressure may also rise. At this time, to know t

Is Drinking Tea Good for Pregnant Women?

After pregnancy, in order to ensure the development and health of the fetus, many foods are not recommended. It is not advisable for pregnant women to drink tea after pregnancy, as it may lead to inso

What Should I Do If My Temples Feel Swollen?

When we often stay up late for overtime work or overuse our brains, we may experience temple distention and pain. At this time, it is best to stop working, take appropriate rest, and massage the templ

What Should I Do if There Is Dry, Crusty Scabbing Inside My Nostrils and It Hurts?

If there is crusting or pain inside the nostrils, it is very likely to be caused by rhinitis. Of course, bad living habits, such as often picking the nose, can also lead to the emergence of discomfort

How to Deal with a Short Temper?

Irritability can often be improved through deep breathing, adjusting emotions, proper exercise, psychological counseling, and other methods to avoid unnecessary harm to the body. Here are some specifi

How Can I Address My Large and Round Face?

Nowadays, the general aesthetic standard of the public is to consider thinness as beauty. Therefore, many girls with round faces want to have an oval-shaped face. However, appearance is innate, and it

What Are the Symptoms of Liver Stagnation Turning into Heat in Women?

When our bodies experience discomfort, it is highly likely that some organs have already developed pathological changes. Especially with increasing life stress and heavy workloads, many people are mor

Is Benoxaprofen Tablets a Painkiller?

Painkillers are actually a kind of commonly prepared medication in our daily lives. Whether it is toothache, sore throat, headache, neuralgia, etc., painkillers can be used to relieve the pain. Benori

What Should I Do If My 1-Year-Old Baby Has a Cut on His/Her Head?

When parents are caring for their babies, sometimes there may be some negligence, which may lead to some unexpected situations for the baby. For a one-year-old baby, if they accidentally bump their he

What are the normal ranges for the six sex hormones in children?

The LH level ranges from 2 to 15 mIU/ml in the pre-ovulatory phase, 30 to 100 mIU/ml during ovulation, and 4 to 10 mIU/ml in the post-ovulatory phase. The normal value during the non-ovulatory phase i

How to Consume Tomatoes for Weight Loss?

Tomato weight loss usually involves eating them directly, which can supplement the body's need for vitamins, accelerate metabolism, and achieve the goal of assisting in weight loss. Tomatoes are a com

What are the Chinese Herbal Medicines that Boost Spleen Qi and Regulate Stomach Qi?

The Phenomenon of Poor Temperament in Modern Life and Its Relief through Traditional Chinese Medicine In today's life, many people experience issues related to poor temperament. Traditional Chinese me

What Should I Do If I Feel Nauseous After Eating Something Bad?

In our daily lives, we consume a variety of foods. If we accidentally eat spoiled food, it can lead to unpleasant symptoms such as vomiting, especially during the summer when such incidents are more l

What Could Be the Reason for a Sweet Taste in the Mouth?

Oral Sweetness and Other Abnormal Tastes: Signs of Potential Health Issues In our daily lives, we often pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene. However, sometimes we may suddenly experience a swee

How to Achieve Non-surgical Double Eyelid Surgery Using the Latest Technology?

Wanting to have double eyelids without surgery? You can choose the suture double eyelid surgery. The main principle of suture double eyelid surgery is to bury the suture between the skin and the tarsa

Tips on Managing Excessive Foot Sweat and Caring for Feet Everyone's physical constitution is different. In daily life, we may observe that some individuals tend to sweat excessively from their feet,

Whats in the Diazepam Instruction Manual?

Diazepam is a benzodiazepine drug with anti-anxiety, sedative-hypnotic, anti-convulsant, anti-epileptic, and central skeletal muscle relaxant effects. 1. Anti-anxiety effects: 1) Low doses have good

Should Lingzhi Spore Powder Be Brewed with Boiling Water?

Healthcare and Wellness: The Benefits of Lingzhi Spore Powder In today's society, people are paying increasing attention to healthcare and wellness. The market is flooded with various healthcare produ

What Are the Medications That Help People Fall Asleep Quickly?

Rapid Sleep Induction Methods and Medications In our daily lives, we often find that after a long day of work, when we should be resting well, it can be difficult to fall asleep, even when feeling ex

How to Choose the Right Nipple Size for Your Baby?

In order to ensure a good breastfeeding process for babies, especially those who are bottle-fed, mothers need to pay attention to the details when purchasing nipples. It is crucial to select a nipple

What Causes Discharge or Pus in the Eyes?

Eye discharge is often caused by inflammation and suppuration, internal eye diseases, etc. If you are unsure about what to do, it is recommended to seek professional help and treatment from an ophthal

What Should I Do If There Is Adhesion between the Foreskin and Coronal Sulcus?

Severe adhesion of the coronal sulcus is recommended to be treated at home daily. Use warm water to flip open the foreskin, gently soak it in the warm water, and then use your hands to separate the in

What Are the Benefits and Functions of Ma Wei Lian?

Introduction to Mawei Lian and Its Therapeutic Effects In our daily lives, various types of traditional Chinese herbal medicines are abundant, and with reasonable use, they can effectively improve ou

Why Does My Skin Easily Bruise When Scratched?

Skin Scratch Marks: Causes, Types, and Treatments In our daily lives, when our skin feels itchy, we often gently scratch it, thinking that this can relieve the discomfort. However, some people may fin

How to Detoxify After Eating Fried Food?

Detoxification Methods After Eating Fried Foods After eating fried foods, you can help detoxify your body by consuming foods such as Tremella fuciformis, codonopsis, and egg drink, lily fritillary tea

Is it Safe to Eat Dumplings During Lactation?

Lactating women can eat dumplings. Dumplings have thin skins and tender fillings, delicious flavors, and unique shapes. Eating dumplings made from various ingredients such as grains, vegetables, and m

How Can I Overcome the Habit of Spitting?

Some people have a habit of spitting saliva excessively, which may indicate underlying issues that need to be addressed and corrected promptly. Firstly, it is important to understand that saliva conta

Why Do I Feel Cold All Over?

Some people feel cold all over their bodies even in hot summers, which is not a pleasant experience. Although they feel extremely hot psychologically, their skin feels abnormally cold. Some people fee