What is the Price of Rosuvastatin 5mg Tablets?

The price of rosuvastatin calcium tablets varies depending on different manufacturers, ranging from approximately 20 to 50 yuan. The main function and indication of rosuvastatin calcium tablets are as

What Could Be the Cause of Small White Spots on the Body?

In daily life, many people may experience the appearance of small white spots or patches on their skin. There are numerous potential causes for this phenomenon, with vitiligo being one of the more com

How Long Is Considered Normal for Men?

Factors Affecting Sexual Performance and Methods to Improve It The quality of sexual life is determined by many factors, among which the duration of sexual activity is a crucial one. It is not always

Can Pregnant Women Consume Goji Greens?

Goji Berries and Their Leaves: Nutritional Value and Health Benefits Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, possess the function of nourishing the kidneys and enhancing male vitality. They can be u

Why Does My Right Thumb Feel Numb?

Finger Numbness and Potential Causes Finger numbness, similar to many other parts of the body, is most prone to occur when compressed. If fingers become numb unexpectedly and frequently, it may be cau

Why Is My Skin Peeling? What Should I Do?

Due to certain factors, the skin can become dry, and in severe cases, there may be peeling. Skin peeling can be caused by dry weather, poor blood circulation, and dryness leading to poor skin texture.

Why Is Low-Density Protein Elevated, and What Should I Do?

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is a crucial lipoprotein particle in the body responsible for transporting cholesterol to cells. The level of LDL is not fixed and can increase or decrease due to various

Can I Eat Onions When I Have My Menstrual Period?

The main nutritional value of onions is their rich content of vitamins, and it is essential for women to supplement some vitamins during menstruation. However, onions also contain some spicy component

What Should I Do If I Have Social Anxiety?

Social Skills and Solutions to Social Anxiety Some people are stronger in social skills, while others are weaker, and some even suffer from social anxiety disorder. Common solutions to social anxiety

Is Kuntai Capsule a Hormonal Drug?

Kuntai Capsule Kuntai Capsule is the only patented pure traditional Chinese medicine approved by SFDA for the treatment of "ovarian function decline". It does not contain sex hormone components and i

How Many Weeks in a Month of Pregnancy?

One month of pregnancy equals four weeks. In medical terms, a month is defined as 28 days, which is exactly four weeks. A natural month ranges from 28 to 31 days, leading to the existence of the sayin

Does Drinking Yogurt After Dinner Help with Weight Loss?

Although yogurt can promote digestion, drinking yogurt immediately after meals does not lead to weight loss. Many yogurts available in the market today contain high levels of sugar. Therefore, those w

What Are the Benefits of Skipping Dinner?

Skipping dinner definitely has no benefits. Some people say it can help lose weight, but this method of weight loss is not good, and in fact, the effect of weight loss is also not good. Any weight los

Can Metoprolol Be Taken Once a Day?

Whether metoprolol can be taken once a day cannot be generalized. This medication has two forms: regular tablets and sustained-release tablets. When using it, it is necessary to determine the method a

What Could Cause Redness and Itching on the Sides of My Nose?

Causes and Precautions of Redness and Itching on the Sides of the Nose The skin on our face is delicate and prone to abnormalities due to various factors. Some people may experience redness and itchi

What Does Non-invasive Chromosome Abnormality Mean?

With the advancement of medical technology, various examination techniques can be used during pregnancy to detect possible fetal malformations. Non-invasive chromosomal testing is a typical method. So

Why Does My Knee Hurt When I Bend It?

The Importance of Knees and Precautions for Knee Pain The importance of knees is self-evident as they are crucial joints in the human body. They are frequently used in daily activities and are prone

What Are the Main Health Check-Up Items for a 3-Month-Old Baby?

Physical Examination for 3-Month-Old Babies Although a three-month-old baby may appear healthy from the outside, it is still necessary to undergo professional physical examination to assess the devel

What is the Normal Blood Pressure Range for Pregnant Women?

Hypertension in Pregnancy Hypertension is generally prevalent among middle-aged and elderly individuals, however, this is not always the case. It can also occur during pregnancy, known as gestational

How to Know Early if Youre Pregnant?

Pregnancy Detection Methods and Timing for Pregnancy Tests Whether one desires to conceive or fears an unexpected pregnancy, accurate diagnosis is paramount. There are numerous methods to determine pr

Can Sprouted Pea Grains Still Be Consumed?

In our daily lives, some foods should not be eaten when sprouted, such as potatoes, while others are edible even when sprouted, like sweet potatoes or ginger. It is crucial to correctly identify the s

Is an Abnormal T-Wave on an ECG Serious? What Should I Do?

Whether the abnormality of T-wave in electrocardiogram is severe needs to be considered from the causes and clinical symptoms that cause the abnormality. If the abnormality of T-wave in electrocardiog

How is Tubal Reanastomosis Performed?

Tubal Recanalization Surgery The fallopian tube is a very important reproductive part of women and is prone to problems. A typical example is the blockage of the fallopian tube, which has caused many

Can tomatoes be eaten together with wood ears?

Tomatoes and black fungi can be eaten together without any adverse reactions or nutritional conflicts. Tomatoes can promote digestion, not only lubricating the intestines and facilitating digestion, b

What are the Benefits of Receiving a Serum Injection?

Generally speaking, after being bitten by a dog, it is necessary to inject rabies vaccine as soon as possible, which is also known as serum injection. Serum injection is usually performed during the r

How Should I Use Saxagliptin Tablets?

Diabetes Mellitus: Treatment Options and Considerations Diabetes mellitus is a common disease in daily life, particularly among middle-aged and elderly individuals. Currently, there is no cure for di

What Are the Checks Included in the 42-Day Postpartum Follow-Up After Cesarean Delivery?

Cesarean section is a very important mode of delivery. It can cause certain harm to women's bodies. After surgery and recuperation, it is necessary to go to the hospital for a follow-up examination, w

Why Is There Always a Little Blood Down There?

Bleeding outside of menstrual periods in women should be taken seriously. Bleeding can also occur during ovulation, and this can be predicted based on a woman's menstrual cycle. If bleeding occurs at

Why Is My Neck Much Darker Than My Face?

Face is more exposed to sunlight compared to neck, resulting in easier tanning. However, some people experience the opposite, with their necks appearing darker than their faces, creating a prominent a

Why Do My Nails Become Thick and Yellow After Cutting?

When clipping nails, if you find that the nails have become thick and yellow, it is considered to be caused by onychomycosis, fungal infection, malnutrition, etc. I. Why are nails becoming thick and