Are Beauty Instruments Harmful to the Skin?

Proper use of beauty devices generally does not cause harm to the face; however, improper use of beauty devices can cause certain harm to the face, and it is recommended to seek treatment at a formal

What Are the Effects of Pediatric Qili San?

Many drugs have specific formulations for children, so parents should always inquire whether there are suitable drugs for children when purchasing medications for their children, as the dosage and usa

How Long Do the Effects of Facial Lipolysis Injections Last?

Some adults still have baby fat on their faces, and some women dislike the baby fat on their faces and want to remove it through some methods. Lipolysis injection is a kind of injection that can disso

What Are the Effects of Drinking Glucose on an Empty Stomach?

Glucose and Its Benefits for the Human Body Glucose is a type of solution that is commonly used to dissolve medications during injections, along with physiological saline. This indicates that glucose

What is the Optimal Distance and Duration for UV Disinfection?

The distance between the UV sterilization lamp and the ceiling should not exceed 1.5 meters, the distance from the ground should not exceed 2.5 meters, and the distance from the object to be disinfect

Is It Difficult to Remove Microcrystalline Ceramics?

Removing microcrystalline ceramics is challenging and requires prompt treatment at a formal hospital to minimize stimulation to the body. The main component of microcrystalline ceramics is calcium hyd

How much does endoscopic breast augmentation with implants cost?

The price of endoscopic breast augmentation with prosthesis ranges from 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. The specific cost of treatment needs to be determined based on various factors such as local consumpt

What is the Most Accurate Test to Determine If a Pregnancy Is Male or Female?

With the development of medical technology, there are many methods to diagnose the same disease, which can be confirmed through a variety of examination results and clinical symptoms. In medicine, man

Why Do My Thigh Muscles Itch?

Itching in the thigh muscles may be related to excessive activity, allergies, osteoporosis, neurodermatitis, and other reasons. It is necessary to promptly seek diagnosis and effective treatment at a

How Much Residual Matter after Medical Abortion Is Considered Significant, and How Long Does It Take to Be Fully Eliminated?

Drug abortion usually refers to abortion through medication. Residuals of 2cm are considered large and usually require 7 to 14 days to be expelled, with the specific time depending on individual condi

What Are Some Tips for Correcting Childrens O-Legs?

During physical development, children may encounter various issues. Some children may experience leg bone deformities when learning to walk, which are commonly known as O-legs or X-legs. When parents

Why Does It Hurt in the Center of My Scalp?

Headache on the top of the head may be caused by a lack of vitamins in the body or excessive use of the brain due to long-term work. It could also be a brain disease, which requires hospital examinati

How Long After Getting a Ring Can You Have Sex?

The contraceptive ring is a method of contraception chosen by women. Besides, women can also take contraceptive pills or implant contraceptive needles in their bodies to avoid pregnancy. The contracep

Is Steamed Egg with Pure Milk Nutritious?

Steamed egg with pure milk has certain nutritional value. The potassium in milk can keep the arterial blood vessels stable under high pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. Milk can prevent the body

Is it Normal for Breastfed Babies to Have Watery Stools?

Most mothers choose to breastfeed their babies, but some mothers find that there are some changes in their babies' stool after breastfeeding. Is it normal for breastfed babies to have watery stool? Wa

What Should I Do If Bleeding Occurs After an Internal Examination During the 39th Week of Pregnancy?

Bleeding during pregnancy can be a very serious situation for women. In the early stages of pregnancy, excessive bleeding can be a sign of miscarriage. Bleeding in the later stages of pregnancy may in

What Should I Do If I Dont Have Deep Sleep While Sleeping?

Lack of deep sleep during sleep can be improved through regular sleep habits, dietary considerations before bedtime, and reasonable scheduling of exercise time. Here are some specific methods: 1. Sti

What is the Post-Antibiotic Effect?

Post-antibiotic effect (PAE) refers to the effect whereby bacteria growth continues to be suppressed after a brief contact with antibiotics, even after the drug has been cleared. It is a specific effe

What Are the Uses and Applications of Potassium Permanganate?

Potassium Permanganate: Its Uses and Applications Many people are familiar with potassium permanganate, especially students who have studied chemistry. Potassium permanganate, when dissolved in water,

Why Does It Hurt a Little Bit Next to My Coccyx?

Causes and Relief Methods of Pain Near Coccyx Pain near the coccyx may be caused by various reasons such as lumbar muscle strain, sacrococcygeal ligament inflammation, lumbar disc herniation, and ost

Is it Okay to Drink Pigeon Soup During Menstruation?

Female menstrual irregularity can be relieved by drinking pigeon soup. During menstruation, women's bodies are extremely weak, and some women may experience symptoms such as menstrual cramps, breast t

What Are the Essential Items for Mothers and Newborns?

List of Supplies for Mothers and Newborns The list of supplies for mothers and newborns includes breast pumps, nursing clothes, anti-leak nursing pads, special basins for mothers, antibacterial cotto

Why Do I Sweat Excessively?

Excessive sweating can be caused by physiological reasons such as hot weather or exercise, as well as pathological reasons such as spontaneous sweating, night sweats, head sweat, and partial sweat. I

What Are the Benefits of Drinking a Mixture of Dandelion and Summer Cypress in Water?

Dandelion and selfheal can be steeped in water for drinking, which has the effect of clearing heat, reducing fire, detumescence and antibacterial. Both selfheal and dandelion can be steeped in water t

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Knee Replacement Surgery?

The recovery time after knee replacement surgery is 3 months, and the recovery of the knee joint should be observed postoperatively. On the third day after knee surgery, patients can use a walker for

Why is a Girls External Genitalia Red?

Many Parents May Ignore Some Things When Caring for Their Children, and Only Pay Attention When Symptoms Appear in Their Children's Bodies. Girls are inherently delicate, and parents will be particul

What Are the Benefits and Functions of Corncob?

The Benefits and Functions of Corn Many women enjoy eating corn because it is a whole grain with low calories and a satisfying feeling of fullness. In fact, corn has numerous benefits and functions. E

Why Are There Stretch Marks on My Legs Despite Not Being Pregnant?

Many women pay attention to their skin condition when wearing skirts in summer. Smooth and white skin without body hair looks very good in skirts, while dark skin with excessive body hair may affect a

What Are the Precautions for Using Jingtong Granules?

During the administration of Jingtong Granules, patients should maintain a light diet and avoid smoking, drinking, and consuming raw, cold, and greasy food. If symptoms do not improve after 7 days of

Is it Good for a Male Baby to Have a Broken Palm on the Right Hand?

The fact that a male baby has a broken palm on his right hand is actually neither good nor bad. It is a folk legend, so don't be too superstitious about it. Traditional views believe that people with