What illness causes cracked feet in summer?

Caution for Fissures in Summer Feet: Fungal Infections In summer, when the feet develop cracks, it is necessary to be alert for fungal infections. A common disease is hyperkeratotic tinea pedis, which

Why Do My Legs Feel Numb?

Reasons for Numbness in the Thighs There are many reasons for numbness in the thighs, and a common one is lumbar disc herniation. This disease can compress the nerves, leading to poor blood circulatio

Can I drink alcohol while taking Ornidazole?

It is not recommended to drink alcohol while taking Ornidazole. For some people, drinking alcohol after taking the medication may cause allergic reactions, even Disulfiram-like reactions, which can be

Should babys avocado be steamed before eating?

Baby Eating Avocado Babies do not need to steam avocados before eating. They can be mashed with a spoon and served to the baby. Avocado is a fruit with high nutritional value, which is very suitable f

What are some digestive medications for babies?

There are many types of digestive medications for babies, mainly including two categories: Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. These can be administered to babies under the guidance of

What are the possible causes of heaviness in a womans lower limbs?

There are many reasons for women's heavy lower limbs, and common ones include lumbar disc problems, knee joint issues, or vascular problems in the lower limbs, such as varicose veins, which may cause

When should I check for breast lumps?

Breast hard mass should be promptly checked at the hospital 9 to 11 days after menstruation. During this time, estrogen secretion is relatively low, and its impact on the mammary glands is relatively

How long should I wait to remove eyebrow tattoos after getting them done?

1. How long after eyebrow tattooing can eyebrow washing be done? Eyebrow washing can be done 1 to 3 months after eyebrow tattooing. Before eyebrow washing, the eyebrow tattoo should be fully healed be

Should fruits be eaten before or after meals?

The decision on whether to eat fruits before or after meals should also be based on specific situations. If you want to lose weight or promote and improve appetite, eating fruits before meals is a bet

What medication should I give my baby for diarrhea?

Medication for Infant Diarrhea Infant diarrhea should be treated with anti-diarrheal medication, auxiliary medication for diarrhea, and drugs for regulating the gastrointestinal tract under the guidan

Why do my hands tremble when holding something?

There are many reasons for hand shaking when holding something, such as hyperthyroidism, Parkinson's disease, intentional tremor, physiological tremor, and alcohol dependence, all of which may cause t

What medication should I take for feeling short of breath and unable to catch my breath?

There are many reasons for shortness of breath, and medication should be based on the specific cause. If it is caused by bronchial asthma, drugs such as salmeterol can be taken under the guidance of a

The common causes of sore throat after waking up are inflammation, such as pharyngitis, caused by bacterial or viral infections, and colds may also lead to sore throat. In addition, it may also be rel

Is It Possible to Save the Pregnancy with an HCG Level of 11.4 on Day 12 of Implantation?

Can a fetus be preserved when hCG is 11.4 on the 12th day of transplantation? HCG 11.4mIU/mL can only suggest a possible pregnancy, and the result is not particularly good. Normally, after 12 days of

Which is Better to Consume During Pregnancy: Male Chicken or Female Chicken?

Pregnant women are better off eating female chickens. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, pregnant women tend to have insufficient yin and blood. Eating female chickens can replenish

Can Skipping Late-Night Meals Help with Weight Loss?

Can avoiding late-night snacks help with weight loss? Avoiding late-night snacks can have a certain effect on weight loss. Late-night snacks can lead to obesity, so it is best to avoid them, especiall

Why Does My Scalp Hurt Like Needle Pricks?

Reasons for Pain in the Scalp Like Being Stabbed by a Needle There are many reasons for the pain in the scalp like being stabbed by a needle, such as trigeminal neuralgia, pain caused by herpes zoster

What is the Normal Range for Pupil Size?

Normal Pupil Size The normal pupil size should be around 2 to 4 millimeters. The pupils on both sides should be equal in size and shape. If there is an abnormal pupil, it is likely related to some dis

Which Type of Dental Implant or Crown Is the Best Option?

Dental implantation is the best choice for dental restoration, as it causes minimal damage to the oral cavity and its material is closer to the original teeth, resulting in excellent effects. However,

What can I eat to dissolve polyps?

Diet cannot dissolve polyps. Polyps are a kind of hyperplastic tissue on the gastric wall, most of which are benign, but the possibility of malignancy cannot be ruled out. Therefore, polyps found in h

What causes tightness in the throat and neck?

Tightness in the throat and neck is mostly related to catching a cold, which can lead to sore throat. It may also be related to chronic pharyngitis, a chronic disease that can cause tightness in the t

Does Eating Peanuts Nourish the Stomach?

Does peanut nourish the stomach? Peanut has a certain stomach-nourishing effect. Especially when gastric ulcer occurs with excessive gastric acid, eating some raw peanuts properly can neutralize gastr

When is blood pressure the highest during a day?

Blood pressure in the morning and afternoon is generally higher than usual. For example, from 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning, the body's organs gradually wake up, and the speed of blood flow is faster th

Why do I constantly feel sleepy during the day?

There are many reasons for daytime drowsiness, the most common being poor physical health. In addition, brain hypoxia may also cause daytime drowsiness. Cardiovascular diseases should be taken serious

Why Does My Ear Hurt When I Blow My Nose?

Reasons for Ear Pain When Blowing Nose One of the common reasons for ear pain when blowing the nose is acute suppurative otitis media, a relatively common type of otitis media. It can be caused by var

Can Oatmeal Meal Replacement Help with Weight Loss?

Oatmeal Meal Replacement for Weight Loss Oatmeal meal replacement has a certain effect on weight loss, as oatmeal has a low calorie content and contains dietary fiber. Eating oatmeal meal replacement

Can I consume angelica sinensis during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should not consume angelica sinensis Angelica sinensis is not suitable for pregnant women because its main functions are to invigorate blood circulation and replenish blood. Additionall

What could be the reason for painless bleeding in stool?

There are many reasons for painless blood in stool, a common one is mixed hemorrhoids. Due to the influence of gravity or diet, it often leads to the rupture of hemorrhoidal veins, resulting in bleedi

Why Do People Tend to Have Flatulence After Eating Garlic?

Eating garlic causes farting mainly because the stomach and intestines are subjected to poor stimulation, causing mucosal damage, indigestion, and leading to the manifestation of farting. This is main

What is vaginal epithelial cell?

Vaginal Epithelial Cells Vaginal epithelial cells mainly refer to the cellular tissue attached to the surface layer of the vagina. In healthy conditions, vaginal epithelial cells are not detectable. H