Why Does Blood Pressure Rise After Dialysis?

High blood pressure after dialysis may be caused by anuria, imbalance of water and electrolytes, or intracranial thrombosis leading to abnormal blood pressure regulation center. When blood pressure is

What are the Benefits and Effects of Paracetamol?

The function and effect of Chlorpheniramine is to treat various allergic symptoms and has a sedative effect, which can increase the anesthetic effect. Chlorpheniramine may cause adverse reactions such

What Should I Do If a Child Bites Me and Causes Bleeding?

First, What to Do When Bitten and Bleeding by a Child When bitten and bleeding by a child, it is necessary to clean the wound promptly. You can rinse it repeatedly with running water, and then use hyd

What Should I Do if My Teeth Become Loose During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is important to be cautious when treating loose teeth and it is not recommended to use medications with strong side effects. Conservative treatment should be the first choice, foc

Why Did My Hand Suddenly Swell and Itch?

Hand Swelling and Itching Sudden hand swelling and itching can be related to accidental injuries, such as compression injuries or sprains. Additionally, it may also be associated with insect bites, w

What Are the Benefits of Eating Raw Cucumbers?

Cucumbers, commonly known as green cucumbers, have certain weight-loss effects when consumed regularly. They are low in calories and rich in vitamin C, which can help strengthen the body. Additionally

What Are the Key Considerations for Bone Graft Surgery?

There are many considerations for bone-setting surgery. Firstly, it is important to focus on diet after surgery, consume foods rich in calcium and high in calories, which can help the fractured area r

What Are the Benefits of Red Wine?

Red wine has the effect of protecting the heart. It can promote blood circulation, has a certain effect on lubricating the lungs, and also has certain health care benefits for liver and kidney tissues

What are the Symptoms and Treatments for a Wisdom Tooth Damaging a Front Tooth?

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Dental Problems and Should Be Treated Promptly If wisdom teeth damage the front teeth, it can first lead to toothache, followed by tooth root caries and other problems. If any o

What Are the Hazards of Leaving Titanium Alloy Steel Pins Unremoved?

Hazards of Leaving Titanium Alloy Steel Pins Inside the Body for Too Long If titanium alloy steel pins are not removed in a timely manner, common hazards include complications. Prolonged placement ca

How to Effectively Treat Recurring Mold Issues?

Treating and Preventing Recurrent Mold Vaginitis The recurrent mold infection requires prompt medical treatment as it is a significant cause of mold vaginitis, a condition that can be relatively trou

Why Does a Newborn Female Baby Have Discharge?

As for the secretions of newborn female babies, generally speaking, it is a normal physiological phenomenon. Parents should not be anxious, but should keep the private parts of the baby clean. This si

What Should I Do About Blocked Hair Follicles on My Arms?

When hair follicles on the arms are clogged, it is first necessary to strengthen skin care, especially by focusing on skin cleanliness. Regular bathing is recommended, and sulfur soap can be used to c

What Are the Benefits and Potential Side Effects of Gamma Globulin?

Gamma globulin is primarily used to treat congenital gamma globulin deficiency and immune deficiency issues. Additionally, it can prevent infectious hepatitis and has a therapeutic effect on allergic

What are the Effects of Maizhi Qinghuo Tablets?

Effect and Precautions of Maizhi Qinghuo Tablets Maizhi Qinghuo Tablets have a good therapeutic effect on excessive internal heat and sores in the mouth and tongue. Their main function is to clear hea

What Are the Benefits and Side Effects of Jiangshui Cai (Fermented Vegetable Dish)?

The benefits of Jiangshui dishes are numerous. Consuming them in moderation can help stimulate the appetite, quench thirst, regulate the internal organs, promote urination, and facilitate the excretio

How Are the Stages of Placental Maturity Classified?

The maturity level of the placenta is generally divided into four grades: 0, I, II, and III. Grade 0 typically refers to the early and mid-stages of pregnancy, often before 28 weeks of gestation. Grad

What Are the Functions and Benefits of the Yingcao Qianlie Patch?

Yingcao Qianlie Tie has a certain effect on the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia. This medicine belongs to a pure traditional Chinese medicine preparation. Applying it to the surface of the skin is

What Are the Benefits of Soaking Blueberries in Water?

Blueberry infusion is rich in nutrients. Regular consumption can enhance the body's immunity, protect the heart, safeguard vision, and have certain effects against cancer. In addition, blueberry infus

Why Is My Menstrual Blood Chocolate-Colored?

Chocolate-colored menstruation is likely caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, leading to poor discharge of menstrual blood. It accumulates in the uterine cavity for a longer time and results in d

How Can I Reduce the Size of My Calf Muscles?

There are various methods to reduce calf muscle size. You can try aerobic exercises such as jogging and swimming, which require consistent effort and attention to not overdo it. Another option is to t

Why Does My Babys Skin Peel?

There are several different causes of peeling skin on infants: 1. Infant skin is in a stage of metabolism; 2. Skin is too dry; 3. Changes in temperature and environment; 4. Development of eczema. When

Why Am I Sensitive to Pain: Exploring the Nervous Systems Role?

Sensitivity of nociceptive nerves is a normal physiological response of the human body. It is a defensive reaction made when the body is stimulated by external factors. When the body is injured, nocic

Why Does the Base of My Eyelashes Itch?

The occurrence of itching at the base of eyelashes may be caused by the presence of eyelid inflammation in some cases, while in others, it may be related to local infestation by mites. Before taking a

What Are the Benefits and Effects of Ripened Tea?

Ripe Tea Ripe tea itself has many beneficial effects such as nourishing the stomach, lowering blood lipids, regulating body metabolism, and relieving constipation symptoms. It is mainly produced throu

What Are the Symptoms of Poor Infant Nervous System Development?

When the development of an infant's nervous system is not optimal, their developmental milestones may be delayed, and they may be unable to lift their heads, smile spontaneously, or engage in other ac

Why Do My Fingers Turn Purple?

There are many reasons that can clinically induce purple fingers, with common ones including heart diseases, pulmonary obstruction, or narrowing of blood vessels in the arms. When purple fingers appea

What Should I Do if the Flesh Inside My Nose Is Red, Swollen, and Blocking?

When the flesh inside the nose is swollen and red, causing nasal congestion, treatment should be conducted based on the situation through atomization, oral antibiotics, or dietary adjustments. Additio

What Are the Effects and Side Effects of Zinc Oxide Lotion?

Zinc oxide lotion is often used clinically for the treatment of skin allergies, eczema, and other similar diseases. If used too frequently, it can easily exacerbate symptoms of skin dryness and increa

What is the Purpose of Using Cardiac Glycosides for Treatment?

Cardiac Glycosides in the Treatment of Heart Failure and Contractile Dysfunction Cardiac glycosides are used to treat heart failure and contractile dysfunction, as well as exert effects on the nervous