Why Do Women Often Experience Lumbago?

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As women's bodies are more fragile, it is essential for them to prioritize physical protection in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of health issues. Lumbar soreness is a common problem experienced by many women, but the causes may vary significantly among individuals. Below are several reasons that may lead to frequent lumbar soreness in women.

1. Gynecological Diseases

Many women tend to avoid discussing gynecological diseases due to embarrassment, but in fact, a large number of women suffer from such conditions, many of which can lead to lumbar soreness. Therefore, if a woman frequently experiences lumbar soreness, it is advisable to consult a doctor for a gynecological examination to determine if any gynecological diseases are present.

2. Cold Exposure in the Lumbar Region

Women are particularly susceptible to cold exposure, especially those who have a weaker constitution. Therefore, if a woman frequently experiences lumbar soreness, it is worth considering whether cold exposure in the lumbar region is a contributing factor. Keeping the lumbar region warm can help alleviate the symptoms.

3. Lumbar Soreness During Menstruation

Women may also experience lumbar soreness during menstruation due to the unique hormonal changes that occur during this time. The symptoms usually resolve after menstruation.

4. Internal Organ Issues

Lumbar soreness can also be caused by issues with internal organs, such as kidney disease. If a woman experiences lumbar soreness accompanied by pain upon tapping the kidney area, it is likely that there is some kidney pathology. In such cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor for further examination and diagnosis.