Should I Consume Jiaoe Cake Before or After a Meal?

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Jiao Ao cake is a very good health food. It has the effects of nourishing yin and blood, beautifying the skin, and improving immunity. Especially for women, it is an excellent tonic. Jiao Ao cake even has a good effect on regulating women's gynecological diseases. However, there are some things to note when eating Jiao Ao cake. For example, people with hot bodies should not eat too much Jiao Ao cake. After eating Jiao Ao cake, it is recommended to drink more water. People with weak gastrointestinal function should eat Jiao Ao cake after meals.

When is the best time to eat Jiao Ao cake: before or after meals?

It is best to eat Jiao Ao cake before meals, especially on an empty stomach. Many girls have a weak constitution, and choosing to eat Jiao Ao cake is a good choice to help the body further replenish qi and blood. It will also help warm the body. It is recommended to eat Jiao Ao cake half an hour before meals and before bedtime. It can also be taken before and after menstruation, which is beneficial for absorption and utilization. Winter is more suitable for tonification, and it is generally most effective to eat on an empty stomach. It is best to eat before meals (on an empty stomach), and Jiao Ao can also be powdered and taken in soup or porridge.

How many times a day is it best to eat Jiao Ao cake?

2-3 times a day is generally recommended. Jiao Ao cake is a common health food. Eating 2-3 times a day can basically ensure the drug concentration in the body and maximize its medicinal value. Eating too frequently may not allow the body to fully absorb its medicinal effects, resulting in waste. It may also affect the normal functioning of the spleen and stomach, causing gastrointestinal discomfort.

How many pieces of Jiao Ao cake should be eaten a day?

Generally, two pieces are appropriate. People with hot bodies should eat less and drink more water after eating to avoid getting too hot. Many girls experience alternating hot and cold body conditions, so proper tonification is essential. In general, 2-3 pieces a day is recommended, and for people with a fiery constitution, 1-2 pieces a day is sufficient. Jiao Ao should not be eaten excessively as it has a warming and blood-enriching effect. Eating too much may lead to over-supplementation.

Is Jiao Ao cake bitter or sweet?

Jiao Ao cake is sweet. The main ingredients of Jiao Ao cake include Jiao Ao, yellow rice wine, rock sugar, black sesame seeds, walnut kernels, rose petals, red dates, and longans. Most of these ingredients have a sweet taste, so the resulting Jiao Ao cake also has a sweet and delicious flavor. However, due to the addition of a larger amount of Jiao Ao and yellow rice wine, it may have a slightly bitter taste and may also carry a hint of alcohol flavor.