Can Pregnant Women Consume Solidified Yuan E-Jiao Cake?

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Pregnancy and Consumption of Guyuan Ejiao Cake

During pregnancy, it is essential for women to take adequate rest and have a balanced diet. Many pregnant women and their families therefore ensure that they consume nourishing foods. When it comes to nutritional supplementation, Guyuan Ejiao Cake is often mentioned. However, for pregnant women, there are certain considerations to be made when consuming this product. In the early and late stages of pregnancy, it is not advisable to consume Guyuan Ejiao Cake. During the mid-term of pregnancy, it can be consumed in moderation after consulting with a doctor.

1. Can Pregnant Women Consume Guyuan Ejiao Cake?

Nutritional supplementation is crucial during pregnancy, but not all foods are suitable for pregnant women. In the early and late stages of pregnancy, Guyuan Ejiao Cake should be avoided. Ejiao, a key ingredient in this cake, has blood-activating properties. During the first trimester (first three months), the fetus is not yet fully formed, and consuming Ejiao may lead to miscarriage. However, during the second trimester, some pregnant women with a tendency to have cold bodies may consume it in moderation after consulting with a doctor, as it can help with blood supplementation and fetal stability.

2. Benefits of Guyuan Ejiao Cake

1. Enhancing Immune Function: Guyuan Ejiao Cake can increase the number of white blood cells and enhance non-specific immune function. It is beneficial for those who are elderly, frail, or prone to illnesses like the common cold, helping to improve their immunity and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

2. Mental and Physical Enhancement: Ejiao contains various active components that can alleviate stress and promote rest for the brain and body, leading to improved physical strength and mental clarity. The small molecular active peptides in Ejiao can enhance memory and recognition abilities, making it effective in combating fatigue.

3. Anti-Aging Effects: Guyuan Ejiao Cake contains collagen, bone collagen, proteins, and various trace elements and amino acids, which are essential nutrients for the human body. These components have significant anti-aging and lifespan-extending effects.

4. Strengthening Bones and Joints: Ejiao supplementation can nourish the blood, which in turn nourishes the tendons and lubricates joints, leading to stronger bones and joints. It can also help protect against rheumatic conditions.

5. Anti-Cancer Effects: Ejiao has been found to have a bidirectional regulatory effect on cellular immunity and can enhance the activity of NK cells, which play a role in suppressing tumor development. Additionally, Ejiao can promote the transformation of lymphocytes in healthy individuals and improve the lymphocyte transformation rate in cancer patients, aiding in cancer treatment by slowing tumor growth, improving symptoms, and extending lifespan. When used in combination with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Ejiao can reduce side effects, enhance physical strength, and improve drug tolerance.

6. Calcium Supplementation: Ejiao is rich in calcium, which can promote calcium absorption and storage through the action of glycine, helping to maintain calcium balance in the body and prevent and treat osteoporosis. It is an ideal supplement for middle-aged and elderly individuals.