Can a cesarean section be performed for pregnancy at 38+6 weeks?

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38+6 refers to 38 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy, during which cesarean section is usually acceptable. Cesarean section is a common obstetric surgery, but not every woman needs it. Cesarean section may be chosen when the pregnant woman experiences fetal distress, delayed labor, pelvic narrowness or asymmetry between the fetal head and pelvic cavity, abnormal fetal position, multiple births, placental factors, etc. Many medical books state that fetuses are mature between 37 and 40 weeks, and cesarean section can be performed during this period. By the 37th week, the fetus has basically completed its development. By the 38th week of pregnancy, the fetus is almost fully developed, and an appropriate time for cesarean section surgery can be chosen. However, specific situations require specific analysis. The pregnant woman should undergo ultrasound, fetal heart monitoring, and other relevant examinations before surgery. The doctor will comprehensively analyze the test results and clinical symptoms to determine the final surgical timing. For healthy pregnant women, cesarean section is generally chosen during the 39th week of pregnancy, as the fetal organs are principally mature at this time, and there are fewer cases of urgent cesarean section due to labor pains, rupture of membranes, etc. Compared to babies born by cesarean section during the 37th or 38th week, babies born during this period have a lower risk of developing various diseases. Typically, the gestational period is around 40 weeks, but the fetus is considered full-term at 37 weeks. Therefore, the recommended time for cesarean section is the 39th week. In case of illness or unexpected situations, cesarean section should be postponed until at least the 36th week of pregnancy, as premature birth may expose the baby to various complications associated with preterm birth.