What Should I Do About Pimples Near My Nostrils?

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From the perspective of clinical medicine, acne is mainly caused by endocrine system disorders, which is a skin problem. However, there may be differences in the causes of acne in different parts of the body. In addition to acne on the forehead and cheeks, many people have also experienced acne near the nostrils. Next, let's understand the solutions and causes of acne near the nostrils.

1. If acne appears on the bridge of the nose, it may indicate a problem with the spine; if it appears on the tip of the nose, it may be due to excessive stomach fire or abnormal digestion; if it appears on both sides of the nose, it may be related to ovarian function or reproductive system.2. Both food and water should be warm to avoid stimulating excessive gastric acid secretion, which can also worsen stomach fire. Generally, due to excessive sebum secretion, it may also be related to ovarian function or reproductive system.3. Pay attention to cleaning pores and remove dirt from pores regularly. Additionally, avoid excessive indulgence or abstinence and enjoy a healthy and natural environment. Note: Be cautious when choosing skincare products and avoid using oily cosmetics and hormonal drugs, which can irritate the skin of the nose and lead to undesirable consequences.4. Acne on both sides of the nose often indicates excessive oil secretion, but it may also mean poor appetite recently, possibly due to excessive stomach fire or abnormal digestion. Additionally, people who frequently experience constipation and stomach bloating are also prone to acne on both sides of the nose.5. Heart problems. Acne near the nostrils is often caused by the accumulation of heat toxicity in the Heart Channel, which cannot be dissipated. The heat toxicity rises with the blood vessels and focuses on the area corresponding to the heart, which is the center of the eyebrows, resulting in acne. Acne on the center of the eyebrows should not be overlooked. Recall if you have frequently experienced symptoms such as palpitations and chest tightness recently, as these may indicate a weakening of heart function.