Why Do I Experience Lumbago?

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The number of people experiencing lumbar pain is constantly increasing in modern society, mainly due to unreasonable living habits that lead to a growing population of individuals with lumbar disc herniation. However, from the perspective of current clinical medicine, the causes of lumbar pain are not only closely related to lumbar disc herniation, but may also be associated with other factors. Below are the reasons that may cause lumbar pain in patients.

1. Renal lesions such as kidney stones

The kidneys are located on both sides of the waist. If there are lesions in the kidneys, such as kidney stones, the stones will gradually increase in size. Once they reach a certain size, they can compress the surrounding tissues and nerves, leading to a feeling of waist pain. In addition to waist pain, kidney disease can also cause symptoms such as abnormal urination and hematuria, which require timely diagnosis and treatment.

2. Lumbar muscle strain or lumbar disc herniation

Many people spend long hours sitting daily, especially those in occupations such as taxi drivers and white-collar workers. If you sit for extended periods with your waist in the same position, it can lead to problems with the lumbar muscles and vertebrae, such as lumbar muscle strain or lumbar disc herniation.

3. Prostatitis in men or gynecological inflammation in women

Frequent waist pain, especially after sexual activity, may be caused by prostatitis in men. Similarly, women who experience frequent waist pain, especially after sexual activity, along with symptoms such as vaginal bleeding and abnormal vaginal discharge, may have gynecological inflammation and should seek timely treatment. Frequent waist pain is not a minor issue and can significantly impact daily life. Therefore, if you experience frequent waist pain, it is important to promptly visit a hospital for examination, identify the underlying cause, and seek timely treatment to alleviate the discomfort.