What Could Be the Cause of Discharging a Meat-Like Mass During Menstruation?

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The excretion of flesh-like masses during menstruation is the shedding of the endometrium. Besides blood, menstruation also discharges endometrial fragments, cervical mucus, and vaginal epithelial cells, which are normal phenomena and do not require excessive concern. During menstruation, it is important to cultivate good eating habits, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, high-protein foods, and drink plenty of water to replenish the body's water needs. It is also crucial to ensure adequate rest, sufficient sleep, avoid excessive fatigue and excitement, and maintain a pleasant mood to prevent negative emotions from affecting the endocrine system.

Female endometrial shedding occurs cyclically, and the mixture of secretions and blood is expelled through the vagina, which can be considered as the excretion of waste products from the body in a sense. This is a good opportunity for body conditioning, and it is advisable to consume foods that promote blood circulation and dispel blood stasis, as well as warm the meridians. Drinking brown sugar water can warm the body, promote blood circulation, and accelerate the excretion of menstrual blood. Pig blood is known as a body cleanser, and easy-to-digest foods such as pasta can be consumed when appetite is poor. If abdominal pain is present, motherwort can be decocted for consumption, and if necessary, Yuanhu Zhitong Pian can be taken.

Menstrual blood is a mixture of blood, shed endometrium, cervical mucus, and vaginal secretions. Drinking brown sugar water during menstruation can help detoxify the body. Brown sugar has a warm nature and a sweet taste, and it enters the spleen meridian. It has the effects of harmonizing the spleen and liver, nourishing the blood and harmonizing the blood, removing blood stasis, and detoxifying postpartum lochia. Drinking brown sugar water during menstruation can help eliminate toxins and blood stasis from the body, activate qi and blood, accelerate blood circulation, and make menstrual blood flow smoothly.

In addition, eating black fungus during menstruation can also help expel impure blood. Black fungus has the effects of invigorating qi and promoting blood circulation, cooling the blood, and nourishing yin, which can eliminate heat toxins in the body.