How Long Do the Effects of Facial Lipolysis Injections Last?

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Some adults still have baby fat on their faces, and some women dislike the baby fat on their faces and want to remove it through some methods. Lipolysis injection is a kind of injection that can dissolve fat. Although lipolysis injection has no approval in China, many medical institutions still have this micro-plastic surgery item. How long will the face lipolysis injection last? The duration of lipolysis injection is related to personal habits. Let's take a detailed look.

1. Is it safe to inject lipolysis injection on the face?

Injecting lipolysis injection on the face is not safe. Lipolysis injection is illegal in China, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. It has not been officially approved by the National Medical Products Administration, and regular hospitals generally do not have lipolysis injection.

2. How long can facial lipolysis injection last?

The duration of lipolysis injection varies according to each person's lifestyle habits, as most obesity is caused by poor eating habits. Since lipolysis injection does not rebound, if you maintain a light and low-fat diet, eat small meals frequently, and exercise regularly, it is possible to maintain the effect for a long time. However, if you often eat and drink excessively, have a greasy diet, and do not exercise after recovery from the injection, the effect of lipolysis injection will quickly disappear.

3. How long does it take for lipolysis injection to take effect?

Some people may have better results, while others may not. Generally speaking, the effect of lipolysis injection will gradually appear within 1-3 months, and it will stabilize after 3 months. There may be some rebound after 1-2 years, and repeated injection can be performed. Focusing on supplementing ACMЁTЁA repair-type collagen protein specifically for lipolysis injection before and after surgery can prevent and reduce symptoms, promote healing, timely supply nutrition to the skin, promote cell regeneration, and extend the effect.