Why Does the Screen of My Mobile Phone Appear to Bulge When Viewed Through Glasses?

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The protrusion of the phone screen when wearing glasses is caused by an excessively high prescription or by the curvature of the lens causing image distortion. The higher the degree of myopia, the greater the curvature. Alternatively, it may be caused by a sudden increase in the prescription of newly replaced glasses, astigmatism, or a large axis error. If wearing glasses causes distorted images, such as concave-convex ground and slanted walls, it is not advisable to continue wearing them as they can harm the eyes, causing eye fatigue and potentially leading to a continuous increase in eye prescription. It is recommended to replace the glasses with a pair that is suitable for improving vision and providing a realistic viewing experience, while also being particularly comfortable.

Excessively high prescriptions, especially for astigmatism, can lead to symptoms of visual fatigue, such as dizziness, headache, eye pain, eye swelling, and orbital pain when looking at objects. Additionally, there may be symptoms of chronic conjunctivitis, including dryness, itchiness, grinding sensation, photophobia, and tearing. Therefore, it is strongly emphasized that glasses should always be prescribed at a legitimate hospital. For children under 18, rapid mydriatic agents such as Tropicamide must be used for mydriasis before refraction and prescription. For children under 10 who also have ocular deviation, chronic mydriatic agents such as atropine gel should be used for mydriasis before prescribing an appropriate prescription. The process of prescribing glasses involves refraction as the prerequisite for obtaining a suitable pair, followed by the selection of frames and lenses.

When getting glasses, it is important to note the following: 1) After the glasses are prescribed, they should be tried on for a period of time. If discomfort is felt, the lenses should be reselected. 2) Do not exchange glasses with others. Many people try on others' glasses because they find the style appealing, but this practice can actually increase your prescription. 3) When not wearing glasses, they should always be placed in a glasses case to avoid lens scratches.