What is the Brownish Paste Discharged by Xiaomishuan?

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Xiaomishuan is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that has excellent effects on cervical erosion and cervicitis. It needs to be applied vaginally, and its effectiveness should be guaranteed under the guidance of a doctor. The brown paste excreted after using Xiaomishuan is composed of cervical canal mucus, active cells, secretions, and other components, which is usually normal.

Xiaomishuan is mainly used to treat cervical erosion, cervicitis, and other issues. After vaginal administration, brown pasty secretions are excreted, which are believed to be decomposed drug residues, as well as cervical canal mucus, active cells, secretions, and other components. This is a normal phenomenon after administration, and there is no need for excessive concern. It is important to strictly follow the doctor's instructions for administration, not to have too long intervals, and to maintain good personal hygiene, such as timely cleaning of the perineum. Additionally, sexual intercourse should be avoided during the treatment period to avoid affecting the therapeutic effect.

Xiaomishuan mainly plays a role in clearing heat and detoxifying, drying dampness, and killing insects. This medicine plays a very important role in the treatment of gynecological diseases and contains many traditional Chinese medicinal materials, which have a certain protective effect on people's physical health. The main ingredient of this medicine is formed by Chinese herbal medicine, so its curative effect is not particularly rapid. Generally speaking, Xiaomishuan will be effective after 3 days of use. Although the effect of this traditional Chinese medicine is relatively slow, it has fewer side effects on the body. It is essential for people to choose the correct medication for treatment and avoid abusing drugs, which may lead to minor side effects.

Xiaomishuan is a vaginal medication and should not be taken orally. It is mainly applied inside the vagina. If taken orally, it may damage people's physical health. If symptoms persist after seven days of taking Xiaomishuan and do not show any relief, it is recommended to stop using it immediately and seek medical attention.