What is the Purpose of Urine Test Strips?

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Urine test strips can be used to check urine pH, urine protein content, urine occult blood, urine specific gravity, urine glucose content, etc. They can detect whether there are any pathological changes and help achieve early detection and early treatment. Here are the details:

1. Urine pH

Checking urine pH using test strips can assess the acid-base balance of urine and detect whether there is an over-acidic or over-alkaline constitution.

2. Urine Protein Content

Urine test strips can measure the protein content in urine. If it exceeds the normal range, it may be caused by kidney disease.

3. Urine Occult Blood

These strips can detect the content of blood cells in urine, as well as the presence of occult blood in urine, which can be used to diagnose urinary system diseases and kidney diseases.

4. Urine Specific Gravity

Urine test strips can measure the concentration of urine. A high urine specific gravity indicates severe dehydration.

5. Urine Glucose Content

Checking urine glucose content using test strips can detect whether there is an increase in uric acid.

It is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol before urine routine tests as it may affect the accuracy of the results.