Can I Wear Short Sleeves During and After Postpartum Recovery in Summer?

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In summer, women can wear short-sleeved clothes during confinement and after confinement. It does not mean that women must wear long-sleeved clothes during confinement. The choice of clothing mainly depends on the temperature of the external environment and the temperature difference with the body. One principle during confinement is to avoid getting chilled. When the external environment temperature is relatively high, there is no need to dress too warmly or wear long sleeves, as long as the body does not feel cold. If the temperature is already high and one still wears too many layers of clothing, excessive sweating may be harmful to recovery and may lead to the formation of eczema. Therefore, it is important to control the environmental temperature during confinement, maintaining it around 24℃, to ensure that the body is not affected by external factors.

It is not mandatory to wear long-sleeved clothes during confinement. Even in summer, mothers should take appropriate measures to ventilate the room and keep the air fresh. Additionally, they should avoid covering up too tightly or using excessively thick bedding, which can lead to heatstroke and other conditions that are detrimental to postpartum recovery. Summer also brings frequent sweating, so it is advisable to wash hair and take baths occasionally, but it is important to dry the hair promptly to avoid catching a cold.