What is the Appropriate Negative Pressure for Child Suctioning?

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The negative pressure value for suctioning sputum in children is generally within 300 mmHg, and can also reach around 250 mmHg.

I. Precautions:

When suctioning sputum with negative pressure, ensure a good body position, such as lateral or supine position. Additionally, maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, and note that the duration of each suctioning should not exceed 15 seconds, with an interval of 3 to 5 minutes between each session. Suctioning should be done from the bottom up, swinging left and right, to aspirate the sputum as much as possible. Observe the child's facial expressions and vital signs at any time to prevent aspiration shock caused by various reasons, and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

II. Hazards of Sputum Suction in Children:

Sputum suction is primarily used when children have difficulty expelling sputum or when the sputum is viscous and blocks the respiratory tract. The frequency of suctioning should not be excessive as it can have numerous side effects. Frequent suctioning can damage the respiratory mucosa, causing relatively severe congestion and edema, leading to a relatively narrow respiratory tract, and in severe cases, can cause hypoxia. Additionally, incorrect positioning of the suction catheter can lead to aspiration and choking. This method can cause significant discomfort to children. As alternatives, gently tapping on the back can help move the sputum up and down for easier expulsion, and nebulizer treatment can be used to dilute the sputum and facilitate its expulsion.