What Causes Vaginal Bleeding with an Unusual Odor?

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For every woman, it is essential to prioritize the health of their vagina. The vagina, as a relatively sensitive and vulnerable part of a woman's body, can easily lead to vaginal diseases with slight carelessness. Severe vaginal diseases can have significant impacts on a woman's overall reproductive system. Vaginal bleeding accompanied by an unusual odor can be a symptom of gynecological diseases. So, what could be the reason for vaginal bleeding with an odor?

1. Reasons for Vaginal Bleeding with a Foul Odor

1.1. Viral Infection: Some viruses can heal without treatment, such as the virus causing the common cold. However, certain viruses, like genital warts (medically known as condyloma acuminata), often result in increased vaginal discharge.

1.2. Bacterial Cause: The unpleasant odor in vaginal discharge due to bacteria can be attributed to the use of substandard sanitary napkins or unqualified toilet paper. This can lead to the growth of bacteria in the vagina, and their continuous reproduction can eventually result in vaginal discharge with an odor. Therefore, women should be extra cautious when choosing sanitary napkins.

1.3. Trichomonas Vaginalis Infection: This infection can cause increased vaginal discharge with a foul odor, accompanied by itching in the vaginal area. It is commonly considered a sexually transmitted infection and can easily spread between sexual partners. To eliminate cross-infection and achieve complete cure, both partners must be treated.

2. Types of Unpleasant Odors in the Vaginal Area

2.1. Fishy Odor: A fishy odor in vaginal discharge (leukorrhea) is primarily associated with infections caused by anaerobic bacteria, trichomonas, or vaginal hemophilic bacteria.

2.2. Fishy Odor with Vaginal Symptoms: Vaginitis caused by vaginal hemophilic bacteria often presents with a distinct fishy odor in the discharge, accompanied by symptoms such as vaginal burning, pain, itching, and dampness in the external genitalia.

2.3. Foul Odor: When there is a foul odor in the vagina or vaginal discharge, it is often indicative of severe infections or tumors in the reproductive tract. Common clinical conditions include severe endometritis, severe cervical erosion, and malignancies of the reproductive tract. In particular, older women who experience a foul odor in their vaginal discharge, often accompanied by bright red color, should be alert to the possibility of malignancies.