Why Do People Have Sweaty Feet?

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Sweaty feet are related to damp-heat in the spleen and stomach, rich sweat glands in the feet, and wearing non-breathable shoes. Feet that sweat excessively are prone to fungal infections, resulting in odor and itching. It is important to maintain good hygiene for the feet by soaking and rubbing them frequently to reduce the attachment of bacteria or fungi, changing shoes regularly, and washing socks daily. Additionally, considering injections of botulinum toxin into the feet may also be an option.

What are the causes of sweaty feet?

1. Personal constitution: People with a damp-heat constitution in the spleen and stomach are prone to sweaty feet, which can be treated through traditional Chinese medicine.

2. Rich sweat glands in the feet: When the sympathetic nervous system is excited, it can lead to increased sweat gland secretion. People who enjoy physical activities are more likely to have sweaty feet.

3. Wearing non-breathable shoes: Shoes such as leather shoes, sports shoes, and cloth shoes can cause feet to sweat easily due to their lack of breathability.

4. Fungal infections: Feet that sweat excessively are susceptible to fungal infections, as fungi thrive in warm and damp environments. Infections can lead to odor, itching, peeling, and blisters.

What can be done to treat sweaty feet?

1. When washing feet, it is best to soak and rub them with warm water to reduce the attachment of bacteria or fungi.

2. Change shoes frequently, aiming to wear a different pair every day to minimize the duration of contact between the feet and the same shoes.

3. Wear a different pair of socks after washing feet daily, as socks can also harbor bacteria and fungi. Change and wash socks regularly.

4. If the above methods are ineffective, considering multiple injections of botulinum toxin into the feet may be an option to reduce local sweat gland secretion.