What are the Breastfeeding-Stimulating Acupoints?

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Common lactation-promoting acupoints include Zusanli, Zhongru acupoint, Shaoze acupoint, Tianchi acupoint, etc. If there is insufficient milk supply after childbirth, it is recommended to consult a professional lactation-promoting therapist for massage, which can achieve good lactation-promoting effects. In addition, eating more foods such as pig's trotters and crucian carp soup can also help promote lactation. If lactation is still insufficient after lactation promotion, formula milk can be added to the baby's diet to avoid malnutrition.

Here are some lactation-promoting tips:

1. Lactation-promoting Acupoints: Massage of acupoints such as Taichong, Zusanli, Danzhong, Rugen acupoint, Qimen acupoint, and Shaoze acupoint can be used for lactation promotion. It is recommended to consult a professional massage therapist for treatment.

2. Infant Suckling: When a baby is born, it may not have breast milk immediately. At this time, it is important not to assume that the mother "has no milk" and start feeding the baby formula milk. Instead, let the baby suckle frequently as early as possible and encourage them to suckle every time they wake up. The sucking process can unblock the mammary glands, stimulate milk secretion, and help with uterine contraction and recovery. This is a highly effective method compared to any others.

3. Maintain a Happy Mood: The mother's mood often affects her well-being and everything around her, including milk secretion. Therefore, it is crucial for the mother to maintain a happy mood, ensure adequate rest, and take good care of her body. Avoiding excessive worry and anxiety can facilitate the secretion of prolactin and result in sufficient milk supply.