How to Quickly Relieve Stomach Pain?

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Stomachache is a common symptom, mainly caused by irregular eating habits and gluttony. Patients need to strengthen the maintenance of their stomachs in daily life. When stomachache occurs, it is best to take medication to relieve pain first, and then drink more hot water, massage the abdomen, relax the abdomen, and massage Zusanli point to alleviate symptoms. However, the diet should be light, reduce gastric acid secretion, and eat porridge or steamed bread.

Here are some tips:

1. Drinking hot water: People with stomach cold often have attacks due to the stimulation of cold food. Drinking hot water at this time can warm the stomach and expel gas in the stomach, which can quickly relieve stomach pain and bloating.

2. Eating hot porridge: Stomachache is often caused by hunger. Drinking a little hot porridge at this time can be very effective, but do not drink milk or eat hard food.

3. Hot compress on the abdomen: Applying a hot water bag or a hot towel to the stomach can also quickly relieve stomach pain, and the effect is relatively obvious.

4. Relaxing the abdomen: When you have stomachache, it is best to find a place to lie down flat and gently massage the abdomen, which can ensure smooth circulation of stomach qi and make the abdomen feel more comfortable.

5. Zusanli point: Zusanli point is located three cun (equivalent to the width of four fingers put together) below the margin of the knee, between the tibia and fibula. Press the Zusanli point with the end of both thumbs, 36 times at ordinary times, and about 200 times when it hurts. The technique can be slightly heavy.

6. Rubbing Neiguan point: Neiguan point is located in the middle of the wrist, about three horizontal fingers (the width of three fingers put together) from the wrist crease, and is located between the two tendons. Rub and press with the thumb, circle 36 times, alternate with both hands, and increase to 200 times when the pain occurs.

7. Rubbing and pressing the abdomen: Cross your hands, with the right hand on top and the left hand below for men, and the left hand on top and the right hand below for women. Rub and press the abdomen with the navel as the center, drawing a Tai Chi diagram, 36 circles clockwise and 36 circles counterclockwise. This method can relieve pain and bloating and increase appetite.