What Are the Ingredients of Kairou Lu (Laxative)?

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Glycerin includes two kinds of preparations, one is mannitol, and the other is glycerin preparation. The main ingredients of both preparations are sorbitol or glycerin. Glycerin has a particularly good lubricating effect, which can accelerate intestinal movement after being squeezed into the anus. The intestinal wall will reflexively defecate after being stimulated, and sorbitol can soften the stool. Together with the lubricating effect of glycerin, it can effectively relieve the phenomenon of constipation.

The effectiveness and function of glycerin are mainly used for constipation. Glycerin is a compound preparation of glycerin or sorbitol and magnesium sulfate, which can increase intestinal water, promote intestinal movement, soften feces, and make feces easier to discharge. As a softening laxative, glycerin mainly contains some surfactants that can reduce the surface tension of feces, allow water to enter the feces, making them expand and soften, and facilitate excretion. Glycerin has a good effect on constipation, but there are also some contraindications. It can cause local irritation symptoms, so patients with allergies should not use it. In addition, the opening of the injection catheter after puncturing or cutting should be smooth to avoid scratching the anus or rectum. If it is used for children, it must be used under the supervision of an adult.