Why Has My Milk Supply Suddenly Decreased?

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Causes and Solutions for Sudden Decrease in Breast Milk Supply

A sudden decrease in breast milk supply may be caused by the mother's lack of rest and inadequate nutrition, as well as the baby's disinterest in breastfeeding. Additionally, the mother's low mood may also contribute to the decrease in milk supply.

1. Causes of Sudden Decrease in Breast Milk Supply

a. Lack of Rest and Inadequate Nutrition

The sudden decrease in milk supply is often due to lack of rest and inadequate nutrition. In such cases, mothers can try to stimulate milk production by ensuring they eat well and rest sufficiently. Eating a satisfying meal and getting a good night's sleep can help increase milk supply. Hot water foot baths can also be beneficial, as they promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue, which can aid in lactation.

b. Baby's Disinterest in Breastfeeding

During the baby's weaning period, the mother's milk supply may decrease due to reduced stimulation of the breasts. As the baby eats less, the stimulation to the breasts decreases, sending a signal to the breasts that less milk is needed. Therefore, it is important for mothers to regularly express their milk during this phase.

c. Low Mood

The mother's emotional state can also affect milk production. Negative emotions such as stress, depression, and anger during lactation can lead to a sharp decrease in milk supply. Therefore, it is crucial for lactating women to maintain a positive mindset and avoid negative emotions.

2. Solutions for Sudden Decrease in Breast Milk Supply

a. Eat Regularly

It is essential to eat regularly, even if the meals are not particularly extravagant. Some mothers may notice a decrease in milk supply in the afternoon, which could be due to exhaustion after a long day. It is advisable to take a nap in the afternoon, have snacks between meals, and ensure adequate rest and caloric intake to support lactation.

b. Stimulate Breast Milk Production

Massaging the breasts before breastfeeding can help stimulate milk production. As long as the body has sufficient heat and nutrition, applying heat to the breasts can accelerate milk flow. Drinking warm water or soup before breastfeeding, as well as applying heat or massaging the breasts, can stimulate lactation.