How to Quickly Go to the Bathroom for a Bowel Movement?

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If you want to defecate quickly, you can use glycerin suppositories, aloe vera capsules, and other medications. Regular abdominal massage and a diet rich in fiber can help with better bowel movements. To further improve bowel movements, you can try using aloe vera gel. The capsules can help soothe the liver and release heat, and also promote better bowel movement. However, do not use too much dosage. Use it sparingly to avoid drug dependence.

Quick Defecation Methods:

1. Drink plenty of water, preferably warm water, or add a little honey. When drinking water, it is best to drink in large gulps. After drinking for ten minutes, if you have no urge to defecate, proceed to the second step.

2. After drinking water, raise your hands above your head, tiptoe, and walk around the room for about five minutes. If you still have no urge to defecate, proceed to the third step.

3. After walking, perform 50 squats, not too fast, but with a large range of motion. If you still have no urge to defecate after 50 squats, proceed to the fourth step.

4. After squatting, lie flat on your bed, take a hot towel or hot water bottle, and apply it to the area two fingers above your navel for five minutes of hot compress. If you still have no urge to defecate, proceed to the fifth step.

5. After the hot compress, press around your navel clockwise. Remember, it must be clockwise, clockwise, clockwise. This is important, so I'll repeat it three times. On the basis of the first four steps, pressing for five minutes will definitely give you the urge to defecate.