Why Do I Still Feel Itchy Despite a Normal Leukorrhea Test?

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Normal leucorrhea examination with itching may be caused by eczema or allergies in the local skin. Through leucorrhea examination, it is possible to promptly understand whether there is vaginal inflammation. If vaginitis has been excluded, but itching symptoms still occur, it may be due to allergies. It is recommended to choose underwear with good breathability and apply some anti-allergy medications appropriately.

1. Over-cleaning

Kim, a colleague who is obsessed with cleanliness, often recommends branded cleansers to everyone. In fact, gynecological inflammation is related to personal hygiene habits. Improper use of cleansers may lead to gynecological inflammation. Since the vaginal pH value (acidity and alkalinity) is normal, the improper use of cleansers often disrupts the vaginal acid-base balance, resulting in vaginal flora imbalance and infection.

2. Frequent use of sanitary pads

Most colleagues often use sanitary pads before or during the last few days of menstruation. However, sanitary pads are usually very thin and become saturated after absorbing a small amount of secretions. The local moisture can return to the skin, increasing the temperature and humidity of the perineum, which is more suitable for bacterial reproduction.

3. Private treatment

After a gynecological examination, Kitty developed fungal vaginitis, but she took antibiotics and used potassium permanganate for baths, which worsened her condition. Antibiotics are not suitable for the treatment of fungal vaginitis, and special medications targeting fungi must be used. Failure to do so will only lead to further imbalance of vaginal flora and exacerbate fungal infection. Potassium permanganate is an acidic drug, and fungi thrive in acidic environments.