What Should I Do If I Have Lower Back Pain During Menstruation?

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Lumbar soreness is a typical symptom experienced by many women during menstruation, and severe lumbar soreness can have a significant impact on women's daily lives and work. Therefore, during menstruation, women should also take good care of their lumbar region, avoid exposure to cold, as it can exacerbate the soreness. So what methods can be used to address lumbar soreness in women during menstruation? Here are some suggestions:

1. Drinking hot milk.

Drinking appropriate amounts of hot milk can effectively alleviate the symptoms of lumbar and leg soreness. After drinking hot milk, the body feels more comfortable and can replenish various nutrients needed by the body, especially calcium.

2. Drinking brown sugar ginger water.

During menstruation, women lose nutrients from their bodies, leading to various symptoms. Drinking hot milk can nourish the body, and drinking brown sugar ginger water is also a good choice. It can help to better expel menstrual blood and effectively alleviate other discomforts such as lumbar and leg soreness.

3. Dietary care.

During menstruation, it is important to take good care of oneself, especially in terms of dietary balance. Relaxing and keeping a positive mindset is crucial as menstruation can be a challenging time for women, especially when experiencing symptoms like lumbar and leg soreness.

4. Managing emotions.

Relaxing and maintaining a positive mindset can effectively regulate uncomfortable symptoms. Avoiding excessive physical labor, adhering to a light diet, and consuming foods rich in protein can help to alleviate these issues.