Does Drinking Pigeon Soup Help Increase Breast Milk Production During Lactation?

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Currently, there is insufficient evidence to prove that pigeon soup promotes milk secretion. However, pigeon soup is rich in nutrients and has the benefits of enhancing physical strength, reducing blood pressure, improving immunity, and beauty and skincare, making it a nourishing food for women. Mothers can consume pigeon soup after childbirth to aid in postpartum recovery. However, it is not recommended to consume large quantities of pigeon soup solely for the purpose of promoting milk secretion, as there is insufficient scientific evidence to support its effectiveness in this regard. Additionally, pigeon meat, while highly nutritious, lacks vitamins B16, C, and D, as well as carbohydrates necessary for normal bodily functions. Excessive consumption of pigeon soup without balancing it with other dietary sources can lead to nutritional imbalances.

Pigeon meat is rich in various nutrients, with a high protein content and a reasonable amino acid composition that is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Eating pigeon meat regularly can provide sufficient nutrients to cells, enhancing the vitality of organs throughout the body and facilitating smooth metabolism. The protein in pigeon meat contains many essential amino acids for the human body, with an absorption rate of over 95%. Therefore, pigeon meat can help restore physical strength, heal wounds, and enhance mental and visual acuity for the elderly, those with weak constitutions, surgical patients, pregnant women, and children.

Consuming stewed pigeon soup can moisturize the lungs, improve vision, tonify deficiencies, strengthen bones and muscles, and restore physical, visual, and mental strength. It is an excellent nourishing dish for those who need to restore physical strength and enhance their constitution, such as office workers. Drinking Huai Shan, Goji berry, and Coix seed pigeon soup can relieve itching and treat dry skin, maintaining skin smoothness. Eating stewed pigeon with shiitake mushrooms can promote blood circulation, prevent aging, and prolong youthfulness.

Pigeon soup is rich in collagen, which can help heal wounds. Combined with red beans, which have the effects of nourishing blood, reducing fever, and detoxifying, it can promote physical recovery, wound healing, and scar repair. It is suitable for patients recovering from various surgeries. Regular consumption by the elderly can help slow the appearance of age spots and maintain skin gloss. Other dietary recipes for lactating mothers include crucian carp and tofu soup, soybean and pig's trotter soup, mixed seafood soup, and papaya and catfish soup. If the lack of milk is due to a medical condition, it is recommended to seek prompt medical attention as diet cannot cure the underlying illness.