Which diaper is best to use in summer?

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Disposable Diapers in Summer

Disposable diapers are a popular baby product used by many families today. They effectively absorb baby's urine, reducing the burden on parents. Additionally, they help keep the baby's private area dry, which is effective in preventing rashes and skin irritation. During the hot summer months, when babies tend to sweat and urinate more frequently, it is essential to choose breathable, dry, comfortable, and fast-absorbing disposable diapers, such as those offered by brands like Kao and Pampers.

1. Which Disposable Diaper is Best for Babies in Summer?

In summer, Kao brand disposable diapers are a good choice for babies. Kao has developed a new type of disposable diaper using the plant witch hazel, which can effectively prevent diaper rash in babies. The extract of witch hazel, originally used as a cosmetic ingredient, has proven anti-inflammatory properties in clinical trials. The application of this natural ingredient to the surface of the diaper enhances its anti-inflammatory performance, thus relieving symptoms of skin rash in babies.

Another option is Pampers Dryness diapers, which feature a triple-layer wetness lock system that keeps babies dry even after five wettings. The upright leak barriers prevent urine and feces from leaking out, while the aloe vera layer provides gentle care for the baby's skin. The reusable adhesive tape and aloe vera layer help protect the baby's skin from irritants in feces and urine. The breathable elastic waistband allows the skin to breathe freely.

2. How to Choose Disposable Diapers in Summer

Improper use of disposable diapers in summer can also damage the baby's skin and, in severe cases, lead to diaper rash and other issues. Therefore, when selecting disposable diapers for babies, it is necessary to choose ones that absorb quickly and are breathable. Since babies tend to drink more water and urinate more frequently in summer, choosing a diaper with fast absorption can reduce the time urine remains in contact with the skin, keeping the diaper surface dry and reducing the risk of leakage. Additionally, the material of the diaper's outer layer should be dry and non-absorbent. Mothers can imagine how uncomfortable it would be for their babies if the diaper were not breathable, especially in the hot summer months. High-quality diapers feature a non-woven outer layer that is more breathable and comfortable. After the baby urinates, the outside surface feels damp to the touch, and if the baby is sitting on a wooden floor, a wet mark can even be seen, indicating that the heat and moisture have been expelled through the pores of the outer layer. On the other hand, low-quality diapers made of plastic material tend to have poor breathability.