What Should Be Done When a Minor Becomes Pregnant?

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When girls are around 16 years old, their female reproductive organs have already developed to maturity. If adolescents engage in sexual activity during this period without proper contraceptive measures, they are easily prone to pregnancy. Once minors become pregnant, it can have a significant impact on them. If minors are not yet prepared or even mentally mature, it is recommended to undergo abortion surgery.

What is abortion surgery?

Abortion surgery refers to the termination of pregnancy through surgical methods, also known as "artificially" terminating pregnancy. Modern abortion surgery methods include suction curettage and forceps curettage. Suction curettage involves inserting a hollow suction tube into the uterine cavity and aspirating the embryonic tissue from the uterus using negative pressure. Forceps curettage involves using an oval-shaped forceps to clamp out large pieces of embryonic tissue from the uterus. Abortion surgery can be performed before 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Optimal Timing for Surgery

Painless abortion is only suitable for pregnant women within 70 days, and the best time for painless abortion is between 40 and 55 days of pregnancy. At this time, the uterus is not too large, and the fetus and placenta have not yet formed, making it easy to aspirate the fetal tissue. Choosing the optimal time for surgery ensures a safe and effective procedure with minimal bleeding, short operation time, and rapid postoperative recovery. Most importantly, it also minimizes the harm to the body. When the pregnancy exceeds 70 days, as the embryo gradually grows and the placenta forms, the uterus also enlarges. In this case, simple suction curettage is not suitable for abortion, and other abortion methods such as induced abortion may be required, which can have a greater impact on the body. If the pregnancy exceeds 14 weeks, the above-mentioned painless abortion cannot be performed, and hospitalization for induced abortion is required, which increases the pain and surgical risk for the pregnant woman. Pregnant women who need to undergo abortion surgery should strive to have suction curettage surgery within 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Suitable Population for Abortion Surgery

Although abortion is common in life, who exactly is suitable for abortion surgery? Experts point out that the following five groups of people are suitable for abortion surgery: (1) Pregnant women within 14 weeks of gestation; (2) Women who have not given birth, have undergone cesarean section, or have a fear of pain after childbirth; (3) People with drug allergies; (4) People with anemia and other coagulation disorders; (5) People who intend to have an intrauterine device placed after abortion.