What Can I Do About Having a Concave Face?

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Concave face is a common facial deformity with complex pathogenic factors. It may be due to dysplasia of the maxilla or depression in the face, or it may be a manifestation of facial aging, which seriously affects the proportional coordination of the face. Therefore, we must identify the cause and carry out targeted treatment to solve the problem from the root.

Causes of concave face:

The teeth are in a retrognathic state, and the maxilla often develops insufficiently, presenting a facial shape with depression in the nasal area of the middle face. For such a facial shape, it is often necessary to analyze the degree and cause of the development of the maxilla, and correct the development of the maxilla after finding the cause.

Solutions for concave face:

1. If facial depression occurs in childhood, orthodontic treatment or some traction treatment can be used to improve the depression in the middle of the face.

2. If facial depression occurs in adults, surgery is often required for treatment. For example, orthognathic surgery can be used to move forward the underdeveloped maxilla to achieve normal treatment effects in the position and volume of the maxilla.

3. If the occlusion is normal, but there is depression in the middle of the face and the nasal area, fat tissue, biomaterials, and hyaluronic acid injection can be used to achieve the effect of treating depression in the middle of the face.