Why Does Scratching the Bottom of Your Feet Cause Itching?

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In daily life, we like to play and sing with children, tickling each other's armpits or feet during the process. Tickling the soles of feet feels particularly itchy, which is a normal psychological phenomenon mainly related to the sensitivity of the nerve endings in the human body. When others touch it, it feels like insects crawling, making one unable to hold back laughter, so there is no need for excessive anxiety or concern.

Why does tickling the soles of feet cause itching?

Tickling the soles of feet causes itching because itching is a subthreshold stimulus of "pain". The stimulus given does not cause pain but causes "itching." The skin on the top of the feet is relatively thin, and the nerve endings in the skin are closer to the surface. Touching pressure easily stimulates the nerve endings, which are sensitive, and light touches do not cause pain, so it feels very itchy. Sensitive nerve endings are distributed in these areas, and when stimulated, the corresponding nerve impulses are transmitted to the brain. When the nerve impulses are transmitted to the brain, corresponding reactions occur. Therefore, when playing with children and touching the soles of feet, the whole person may feel like insects crawling and cannot help but laugh. Avoid stimulating the soles of feet to prevent abnormal nerve conditions.