Why Does My Nose Feel Blocked in the Morning?

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If you have a blocked nose when waking up in the morning, you should understand whether it is caused by allergic rhinitis. If it is allergic rhinitis, it is common to have nasal congestion, sneezing, or nasal discharge. When these symptoms appear, you should also take them seriously and actively go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. This is the only way to determine the cause of the problem. Only by treating the symptoms can the harm of the disease be reduced.

Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a common problem. Severe patients with allergic rhinitis may experience nasal congestion, nasal itchiness, sneezing, and other symptoms. When these symptoms appear, you should take them seriously and promptly treat and resolve them. Antihistamines such as loratadine are generally used. However, the use of these drugs should still be consulted with a doctor for correct medication.

Nasal Polyps

It is also necessary to consider whether nasal polyps are present in the nasal cavity. Nasal polyps can also cause nasal congestion and blockage. However, these symptoms cannot be used as a criterion for diagnosis. It is recommended to undergo a comprehensive examination, such as nasal endoscopy or sinus CT scanning, to confirm the cause of the problem. Only by identifying the cause can targeted treatment be provided.

Hypertrophy of Nasal Concha or Deviation of Nasal Septum

Furthermore, attention should be paid to whether there is hypertrophy of the nasal concha or deviation of the nasal septum. These are caused by abnormalities in the nasal cavity structure. Appropriate use of nasal vasoconstrictors can effectively relieve these symptoms within a week. However, if the effect is not obvious, consideration should be given to minimally invasive treatment within the nasal cavity. The choice of treatment method depends on the specific cause.