Is It Beneficial to Exercise During Noon?

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It is better to exercise at noon, but it is important to note that one should not exercise immediately after eating as it is not advisable to exercise right after a meal. The specific impacts and hazards are as follows: 1. Stimulation of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Engaging in exercise after a meal can mechanically stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing vibrations in the contents of the stomach and intestines, potentially leading to symptoms such as vomiting and gastric spasms. 2. Impact on Weight Loss Exercise Effectiveness: After eating, the sympathetic nervous system in the body is easily suppressed, and exercising at this time can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. 3. Blood Flow Distribution Disorder: Digestive organs require a large amount of blood for digestion and absorption after a meal. When the muscles of the body are exercising, they also require a significant amount of blood. This can lead to a disruption in the blood flow to the digestive organs, resulting in dysfunction of digestion and absorption. This disorder not only affects the effectiveness of exercise but also harms the body. Additionally, in terms of weight loss, the secretion of insulin rises after meals, which can inhibit the breakdown of fat, thus affecting the effectiveness of weight loss exercises during this time. Light exercise is most reasonable to perform half an hour after a meal, such as walking or square dancing. Moderate exercise should be scheduled one hour after a meal, such as jogging or doing calisthenics. High-intensity exercise can be performed two hours after a meal, such as sprinting or doing aerobic exercises at a fitness center. Furthermore, if one aims to lose weight, it is advisable to choose evening exercise as the evening is a critical time for fat synthesis, where glucose and amino acids are easily converted into fat and stored in the body. Thirty minutes to an hour of exercise after dinner, performed three or four times a week, can yield good results. Evening exercise can also help digest food faster and prevent fat from accumulating in the body. However, it is worth noting that regardless of the intensity of the exercise, it can stimulate the nervous system and keep it in an excited state. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for one hour after exercise before going to sleep. Additionally, it is important to remember that exercising on a full stomach or on an empty stomach is not conducive to health. If one is hungry, it is advisable to eat a banana or chocolate before exercising to avoid symptoms of hypoglycemia.