Can Luffa Seeds Be Eaten?

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Luffa is a very common vegetable in our daily life with great nutritional value. There are seeds in luffa, which can be used as medicine and also as food.

1. Can Luffa Seeds Be Eaten? Luffa seeds can be eaten, but not everyone likes their taste. Moreover, as a commonly used folk medicine, luffa seeds have many pharmacological effects, and eating them for fun may have some negative impacts on the body. Luffa seeds have a laxative effect, and eating too much may cause diarrhea. Additionally, luffa seeds contain saponins, which may have a significant impact on the heart if consumed excessively. People with spleen deficiency and pregnant women should not consume luffa seeds randomly. Luffa seeds also have a good effect of driving out roundworms.

2. Pharmacological Effects of Luffa Seeds

2.1 Laxative effect: The effective dose is 7-10 seed powders; taking 15-20 seeds can cause vomiting and diarrhea, and 30-40 seeds can cause severe diarrhea. The active ingredient is elaterin. 2.2 Digitalis-like effect: The saponins contained in the seeds have a digitalis-like effect on the frog heart. 2.3 Moistening and lubricating, clearing heat and resolving phlegm, and expelling parasites. It is used for roundworm disease, cough with excessive phlegm, and constipation.

3. Methods of Consuming Luffa Seeds

3.1 Eating as powder: Luffa seeds can be collected, dried, and then roasted in a pan until browned. They can then be ground into a fine powder and mixed with hot water or white wine for consumption. When mixed with white wine, the analgesic effect of luffa seeds is particularly good and can be used to treat low back pain or joint pain. 3.2 Frying for consumption: When eating luffa, you can collect the ripe seeds, wash them with water to remove the surface mucus, dry them, and then season them with salt, five-spice powder, and pepper. Fry them until they are dry and crisp, and then eat them as a snack. 3.3 Soaking in alcohol for consumption: Another common method of consuming luffa seeds is to soak them in white wine after drying. After 20 days, you can take them out and consume them, drinking the white wine that has been soaked with the seeds. Consuming 20 seeds with a small glass of white wine can relieve joint pain and expel parasites from the body. 3.4 Oral administration of decoction: Oral administration of decoction is also a common method of consuming luffa seeds. Since luffa seeds contain natural fatty oils, they can clear heat, resolve phlegm, stop cough, and soothe asthma. When needed, an appropriate amount of luffa seeds can be decocted with water for oral administration, which can effectively relieve cough. Additionally, removing the kernels from the luffa seeds and taking them orally can also lubricate the intestines and relieve constipation.