What causes yellowish-green mucus discharge from the vagina?

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Beware of bacterial infection if greenish-yellow discharge appears in the vagina. Such discharge is often accompanied by unpleasant odor, indicating the possibility of gynecological diseases such as acute cervicitis or endometritis. If symptoms like fever or abdominal pain occur, anti-inflammatory treatment should be promptly administered. Additionally, some malignant tumors, including endometrial cancer, vaginal cancer, or cervical cancer, can also cause greenish-yellow vaginal discharge.

What should you do if greenish-yellow mucus appears in the vagina? Women with greenish-yellow, sticky vaginal discharge are likely suffering from bacterial infection that has led to vaginal inflammation. The greenish-yellow, sticky discharge may be caused by two types of infections: trichomoniasis or mixed bacterial vaginosis. Trichomoniasis discharge is typically greenish-yellow and foamy, with a distinct unpleasant odor and severe itching. In bacterial vaginosis, the discharge is grayish-white, thin, and adheres to the vaginal walls. If these two bacteria are mixed, greenish-yellow, sticky discharge may occur.

Symptoms of Trichomoniasis:

1. Itching of the external genitalia: The external genitalia will feel very itchy, which is the main symptom of trichomoniasis. Along with the itching, there may be a strong burning sensation, and pain may occur during sexual intercourse.

2. Increased leucorrhea: If a woman suffers from trichomoniasis, the first symptom is an increase in leucorrhea and discharge. The color of the leucorrhea may also change, such as being white or greenish at times.