What are the Benefits of Soaking Tongkat Ali in Wine?

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The nutrients contained in Tongkat Ali are relatively rich, and its unique components can regulate the secretion of human hormones, enabling the human body to achieve a healthy state. There are three ways to make Tongkat Ali infused wine:

1. Infused with Goji Berries and Dangshen

Prepare about 100g of Tongkat Ali, a certain amount of sorghum white liquor, as well as 30g of Goji Berries, 50g of Dangshen, 50g of Angelica sinensis, and 30g of Licorice. Add a small amount of rock sugar, seal it, and store it for a month. Drinking a small glass before going to bed every day can relieve muscle fatigue, nourish the kidneys, strengthen the waist, solidify the essence, and improve sleep quality.

2. Adding White Liquor

Add 50g of Tongkat Ali to a certain amount of white liquor. Remember, the higher the concentration of the white liquor, the better, preferably above 45 degrees. The amount of liquor used does not need to be too much, but also not too little, just enough to cover the Tongkat Ali. It needs to be soaked for at least one month before consumption, which has many benefits for men.

3. Infusing Tongkat Ali Raw Slices with White Liquor

Soak 150g of Tongkat Ali raw slices in white liquor above 45 degrees for at least one month. It can be consumed when the liquor turns a pale yellow color. Since Tongkat Ali raw slices are different from Tongkat Ali, the method of making infused liquor is also different.