What Material Is Best for Babys Milk Bottles?

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Selection of Baby Bottles

When selecting a baby bottle, it is important to choose a legitimate product, as the type of bottle suitable for babies varies at different stages of their growth. Glass bottles are suitable for newborns, plastic bottles are suitable for babies over three months old, stainless steel bottles are suitable for babies over one year old, and silicone bottles are suitable for babies of all ages.

1. Glass Baby Bottles: Glass bottles are safe and non-toxic, and they are affordable. The smooth surface of the bottle makes it easy to clean, making it suitable for newborns who require frequent feedings. Since newborns cannot hold the bottle themselves, there is no need to worry about them breaking the glass bottle.

2. Plastic Baby Bottles: Plastic bottles are lightweight and convenient, making them suitable for babies over three months old. Among the three types of plastic materials used for baby bottles, PP bottles are the most common and have good performance, making them the preferred choice. PES bottles have many advantages similar to PP bottles, and they are easier to clean and more durable, approaching the advantages of glass bottles, but they are relatively expensive. PPSU bottles are currently less common in the market and are less frequently chosen by parents.

3. Silicone Baby Bottles: Silicone bottles are safe and lightweight, suitable for babies of all ages. The soft texture of silicone bottles makes them more comfortable for babies to use.

4. Stainless Steel Baby Bottles: Stainless steel bottles have a long lifespan and are affordable, making them a suitable choice for babies over one year old. However, due to their opaque nature, it can be difficult to see how much milk remains in the bottle.