What Are the Benefits of Stimulating the Jade Pillow Point?

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The main function of Yuzhen acupoint is to clear heat and improve eyesight, ascend clear qi and descend turbid qi. It has the effect of promoting the flow of qi and blood. Regular massage of this acupoint can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It has a good effect on improving eyesight for people who often use their eyes and cause excessive eye fatigue, and has a certain effect of dispelling cold. In addition, it can also alleviate symptoms such as headache and nasal congestion caused by colds.

1. Function of Yuzhen Acupoint

1. Significance of Yuzhen Acupoint: The qi and blood of the bladder meridian turn into cool and damp water vapor here.

2. Characteristics of Qi and Blood: The qi and blood substances are damp and cool.

3. Operating Law: It dissipates heat and cools down. The dissipated heat circulates upward along the bladder, while the cooled qi circulates downward along the bladder meridian.

4. Efficacy of Yuzhen Acupoint: Ascending clear qi and descending turbid qi, clearing heat and improving eyesight, promoting the flow of qi and blood. Yuzhen acupoint has the functions of dispelling wind and cold, improving eyesight and relieving pain.

2. Main indications of Yuzhen Acupoint

Yuzhen acupoint is mainly used to treat headache, dizziness, eye pain, nasal congestion, epilepsy, and other symptoms. It is also used to treat diseases affecting the head and its local areas, such as posterior headache, red eyes, deafness, nasal congestion, stiffness of the neck, epilepsy, chills and bone pain.

Yuzhen acupoint can also be used to treat headache and improve nasal congestion and deafness. It can also have a therapeutic effect on trigeminal neuralgia.