What Should I Do If My Male Hormone Levels Are Too Low?

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For women, estrogen is crucial, and for men, testosterone is essential. Testosterone directly affects men's physical health. A lack of testosterone in men can not only make them lose their charm but also lead to symptoms such as low mood and insomnia. It may also affect the relationship between spouses. If men have low levels of testosterone, they must take it seriously and supplement testosterone promptly, as it can lead to serious consequences.

What to do if testosterone is too low?

1. Supplement cholesterol. If a man has low testosterone levels, he should pay attention to consuming foods rich in cholesterol, such as eggs and lean meat. These foods can help promote the secretion of hormones in men and also protect the male reproductive system. However, it is important to control the intake of these foods to ensure men's physical health.

2. Supplement zinc. Men can consume foods such as oysters, oysters, and beef, which are rich in zinc. Zinc plays a crucial role in promoting the secretion of testosterone in men. It is also essential for sperm synthesis and protects the male reproductive system, significantly improving men's fertility.

3. Supplement calcium. Calcium is also vital for men. A lack of calcium can easily lead to osteoporosis and low testosterone levels. Therefore, men can consume foods high in calcium, such as shrimp skins, sesame paste, and milk, to enhance their resistance and immunity and improve their yang qi.

4. Supplement amino acids. Amino acids are essential for maintaining good health. Men can consume foods rich in amino acids, such as chicken, peas, and sea cucumbers, which can promote the secretion of testosterone in men and have a good effect on nourishing the kidneys and essence. Regular consumption can make the body stronger and more masculine.