What is the Right Appendage?

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The right adnexa refer to the right ovary and fallopian tube, which are mainly displayed during female pelvic ultrasonography. When women experience right abdominal pain or discomfort, they can undergo abdominal ultrasonography at a hospital. During this process, cysts or other abnormalities in the right adnexa may be detected on the results. Effective treatment can then be prescribed based on the test results to avoid excessive fatigue.

Meaning of Right Adnexa

The right adnexa refer to the right fallopian tube and ovary in women. Cysts or abnormal masses in the right adnexa primarily refer to cysts or masses in the right ovary. Normally, women should have bilateral adnexa, which are located on the left and right sides. The ovaries on both sides alternate in ovulation, so the position of the ovarian follicles may vary during ultrasonography.

Inflammation of Right Adnexa

Pain in the right lower abdomen is generally considered to be a sign of inflammation in the right adnexa, which can manifest as local pain and tenderness. The diagnosis of inflammation in the uterine adnexa can be confirmed through routine gynecological examination and pelvic ultrasonography.

Treatment of Inflammation in Right Adnexa

If inflammation is detected in the adnexa, appropriate treatment can be prescribed based on the test results. It is also important to alleviate patients' concerns, enhance their confidence in treatment, improve their nutrition, exercise regularly, and maintain a balance between work and rest to improve their overall resistance.