Why Do Kids Frequently Wet Their Pants and What Can Be Done?

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Why do children always wet their pants?

Most of the time, children wetting their pants is related to genetic factors or diseases. Different causes of wetting pants require different solutions. For the former, reducing water intake and encouraging children to urinate before going to bed can improve the situation. For the latter, going to the hospital for a CT scan and treating the underlying cause can shorten the treatment time and resolve the problem fundamentally.

Why do children often wet their pants?

1. It is mainly related to genetic factors, often with a family history.

2. Due to the inadaptation to environmental temperature, especially cold weather, coupled with excessive water intake by the baby, incomplete muscle nervous system development, poor bladder control, and other reasons, it is also easy for the baby to wet their pants.

3. Other factors, such as psychological factors, urinary tract infections, spina bifida, pinworm infections, etc., can also easily cause the baby to frequently wet their pants.

What should be done if a child often wets their pants?

1. When a child frequently wets their pants, it is usually due to urine retention or urinary incontinence. Both urine retention and urinary incontinence are caused by a decrease in bladder muscle contraction or bladder inflammation.

2. At this time, you can go to the hospital for bladder B-ultrasound and urine routine tests. After confirmation, antibiotics can be taken to treat bladder inflammation.

3. It is recommended to do more exercises to increase bladder muscle contraction, such as squats, to improve the contraction ability of the bladder muscle.