How Can Men Ensure Having a Son?

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Some couples are eager to have a son after pregnancy. In fact, the gender of a child is mainly determined by the male's chromosomes. However, there are also ways to adjust the body's constitution in daily life to increase the chance of having a son or daughter. For men who want to have a son, they can consume mildly acidic foods such as loaches and chocolates. Additionally, it is important to control the timing and depth of ejaculation. Let's take a look at the following introduction to learn more about how men can increase their chances of having a son.

1. How Can Men Increase Their Chances of Having a Son?

Mildly acidic foods: chocolates, macaroni, scallions, rice, peanuts, seaweed, clams, octopus, loaches, etc.

Moderately acidic foods: ham, bacon, chicken, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat, tuna, beef, bread, wheat, cream, horse meat, etc.

Neutral foods: seafood such as shrimp, conch, clams, oysters, octopus, squid; vegetables such as radishes, cabbages, scallions, peas, etc.

Strongly acidic foods: egg yolks, cheese, desserts, sugar, tuna, flounder, cheese, western pastries, persimmons, mullet roe, dried fish, etc.

In addition to eating the above foods, there is also a traditional recipe that suggests that men can increase their chances of having a son by consuming Cordyceps Duck Soup regularly. This soup is mainly made from Cordyceps sinensis and old ducks, which are known for their nourishing effects on the lungs and kidneys. It has the effect of strengthening yang, replenishing essence, and improving physical strength, making it especially suitable for men who are physically weak or have insufficient yang energy and want to have a son.

2. How to Control Ejaculation to Increase the Chance of Having a Son

To increase the chance of having a son, it is important to ejaculate during the ovulation day when the vagina secretes alkaline mucus. Additionally, men should abstain from sexual activity for two weeks from the start of menstruation until the expected ovulation day. However, some people may find it difficult to abstain for the entire two weeks. In such cases, they can have sexual intercourse on the second day after menstruation and then again two days later. Therefore, they should only have sexual intercourse twice between the end of menstruation and the expected ovulation day. It is especially important to abstain from sexual activity for the last five days before the ovulation day and then have intercourse on the ovulation day or the next day. This can help ensure that a large number of energetic Y sperm are ejaculated on the intended day of conception.