Will a Half-Cut Nail Regrow? How Should It Be Handled?

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Nails will regrow even if half of them are cut off, and no treatment is required in the absence of other symptoms. With the growth of new nails, they will gradually recover. However, it may take a long time, generally 1-2 months. If there is strong pain or swelling and redness, the broken part can be trimmed, some anti-inflammatory medication can be applied to the affected area, and it should be bandaged with gauze.

How to Care for Nails

1. Regular trimming: Regularly trim nails to keep them clean inside and out, without residual dirt that can ruin their appearance. Girls who keep their nails long should be aware that pointed nails weaken the toughness of the nails and are prone to breaking. Square-shaped nails, after growing for a certain period of time, may easily become inverted trapezoids, so extra care should be taken to trim them or regularly shape them with a nail file. An oval nail shape is preferred.

2. Care for injured nails: For injured or broken nails, special nail repair creams sold in the market can be used, with those containing fruit acid or phospholipids being preferred. Apply them every other day. After that, nail thickening lotion can be applied to strengthen the nails.

3. Avoid frequent manicures: Those who have had manicures know that before applying nail polish, the manicurist often uses a file to smoothen the surface of the nails, which makes it easier to apply nail polish. However, the layer that is filed off serves to protect the nails, and once removed, the nails become more fragile and prone to breaking, as well as being more susceptible to bacterial infections. Therefore, if you love manicures, remember to tell your manicurist to avoid filing your nails as much as possible to minimize the damage to your nails. Moreover, you can have manicures at intervals instead of frequently.

4. Let nails rest: Girls with peeling nail polish can give others the impression of being sloppy and untidy. Generally, nail polish starts to peel off after three days, and it is best to remove it at this point to allow the nails to breathe fresh air. Otherwise, the nails may turn yellow over time, which is not good for their health.