What Should I Do If My Two-Month-Old Baby Has White Bubbles in Their Mouth?

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A two-month-old baby with white bubbles in the mouth may have thrush, which is caused by fungal infection and may require proper topical antifungal medication or rinsing the mouth with soda water for the child. In daily life, it is also important to pay attention to the child's personal oral hygiene. After each feeding, the child's mouth should be rinsed with water, and the nipple should be cleaned before feeding. Thrush is also known as acute pseudomembranous candidal stomatitis or snow mouth disease, which is often caused by oral candidal infection. It is most commonly seen in people who have long-term use of steroids, HIV infection, immune deficiencies, infants and young children, and debilitated individuals, especially newborns. The clinical manifestations include white spots or patches on the cheek mucosa, upper jaw, and tongue. The clinical manifestations of thrush include: 1. Skin lesions manifest as scattered white, snow-like spots in the mouth, slightly raised, resembling curd, which can gradually increase and fuse into white, velvety patches. In severe cases, it can spread to the tonsils, pharynx, and gums. Early mucosal congestion is more pronounced, and the patches are not tightly attached, and can be wiped off with slight force, revealing a red mucosal erosion surface and mild bleeding. 2. Systemic or local discomfort may manifest as irritability, crying, refusal to eat, and other symptoms in pediatric patients. Adult patients may experience sore throat, obstruction, swallowing pain or difficulty, etc. Sometimes, patients may have mild fever, and a few patients may also develop esophageal, bronchial, or lung lesions, or concurrent cutaneous candidiasis.