What Should I Do if My Teeth Become Loose During Pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, it is important to be cautious when treating loose teeth and it is not recommended to use medications with strong side effects. Conservative treatment should be the first choice, focusing on local treatment. Teeth can be temporarily fixed by ligation, and oral hygiene should be strengthened. During chewing, avoid eating hard, sticky, or cold foods to prevent adverse stimulation to the teeth.

1. Local Conservative Treatment as the Mainstay

The main reasons for tooth loosening during pregnancy are changes in hormone levels and the occurrence of pregnancy-related gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. During this period, tooth extraction is not recommended, and local treatment should be the mainstay to minimize the adverse effects on pregnancy health caused by tooth extraction.

2. Ligation and Fixation of Teeth

For severely loose teeth, ligation and fixation can be adopted to effectively fix the loose teeth using tools. If inflammation caused by tooth loosening leads to toothache, anti-inflammatory treatment should be performed first. Anti-inflammatory drugs with minimal impact on pregnancy can be used for local administration, and oral hygiene care should be maintained to prevent further infection.

3. Daily Care

After effective elimination of inflammation, loose teeth can be fixed, and careful care of this area is required in the later stages. Especially in daily diet, it is recommended to chew with the other side of the mouth and avoid eating hard, cold, or sticky foods. If any abnormalities occur after treatment, medical examination should be sought promptly, and follow-up reviews should be conducted.