What Should I Do If My Blood Pressure Drops After Having a Cold?

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For people with low body immunity, the probability of catching a cold is relatively high. Therefore, in seasons with drastic weather changes, everyone should take measures to keep warm by adding clothes to effectively prevent the occurrence of colds. After catching a cold, in addition to typical symptoms such as fever, cough, and runny nose, low blood pressure has also become a symptom that may appear in a few patients. So what should we do if blood pressure is low after a cold?

1. Pay More Attention to Exercise

Exercise is very important for the body. Friends with low blood pressure can appropriately engage in outdoor sports, as exercise can not only improve physical fitness but also help increase body immunity. It can also help effectively relieve mental stress and relax the patient's mood. However, exercise should be appropriate.

2. Dietary Balance

Diet is very important for the body. In daily life, attention should be paid to nutritional balance. Reasonable dietary nutrition has a good effect on preventing various diseases. Prevention should be taken in daily life. Once low blood pressure occurs, one can eat more longan, lotus seeds, jujubes, liver, and fish, which can also help correct anemia.

3. Improve Sleep Quality

Good sleep is very important for the body. If one has a good sleep, it can alleviate the symptoms of low blood pressure. One can drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed to promote sleep. Alternatively, soaking feet in hot water can promote blood circulation, allowing one to enter a relaxed and peaceful state of sleep, thereby improving constitution and relieving the condition of low blood pressure.