What Are the Symptoms Before Confirming Pregnancy?

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The most common symptom before pregnancy is delayed menstruation. However, if menstrual delay occurs during the menstrual cycle and there has been sexual intercourse, one should consider whether it is due to pregnancy. Of course, it is not advisable to judge pregnancy solely based on this one factor. To accurately determine whether pregnancy has occurred, it is recommended to visit a hospital for blood tests. Symptoms alone are not sufficient for diagnosis.

Delayed Menstruation

Delayed menstruation can be considered the most common symptom of pregnancy. Generally, menstruation will stop after successful conception. After a week of delayed menstruation, pregnancy tests can be used for initial detection, or blood tests can be directly performed at a hospital to determine if pregnancy has occurred. Although delayed menstruation is a symptom of pregnancy, not all cases of menstrual delay are caused by pregnancy.

Fatigue and Physical Changes

Simultaneously, there may be some abnormal physical changes. During early pregnancy, many women may find themselves feeling unexplained discomfort and easily fatigued. They may constantly feel tired, which can be a symptom of pregnancy. The most obvious changes may include enlarged breasts and a slightly protruding abdomen. These symptoms should prompt consideration of pregnancy.

Changes in Taste Preferences

Another significant change is in taste preferences. For instance, foods that were previously enjoyed may suddenly become unappealing. This could be due to hormonal changes after conception. Therefore, these changes can be used as indicators to assess whether pregnancy has occurred. If menstrual delay persists for a prolonged period and there are abnormal physical changes, it is advisable to visit a hospital for further examination.