How long does it take for the kidney-tonifying medicinal liquor to be ready for drinking?

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How long should the kidney-tonifying medicinal liquor be soaked before drinking? The soaking time depends on the texture of the herbs and the diseases to be treated. If it is a kidney-tonifying and yang-invigorating medicinal liquor, the herbs are generally harder and require a longer soaking time. It is recommended to drink it after half a month. If it is an ordinary medicinal liquor, it can be used after about a week. If you have symptoms of kidney deficiency, you can adjust and improve it with kidney-tonifying medicinal liquor under the guidance of a doctor.

1. It is important to grasp the soaking time of kidney-tonifying medicinal liquor. If the soaking time is not enough, it is easy to make the medicinal effect fail to achieve the desired effect. If the soaking time is too long, it may also affect the effect. Generally speaking, the soaking time of medicinal liquor is about 15-30 days. It is necessary to grasp the soaking time of medicinal liquor, so as to ensure that the effect of medicinal liquor is more prominent and will not easily lead to some abnormal situations.

2. During the soaking process of medicinal liquor, you should follow the correct method. First, choose Chinese herbs that are suitable for you. If you have kidney deficiency, you should use some traditional Chinese medicines with kidney-tonifying effects to soak the liquor. Before soaking, make sure to clean and dry the Chinese medicinal materials. Then prepare strong liquor, put the Chinese medicine into the liquor, and stir and shake it once a day. After soaking for half a month to a month, filter out the Chinese medicine and then drink it.

3. The temperature of soaking medicinal liquor is also very important. If the temperature is high, the soaking time should be shorter. If the temperature is low, the soaking time should be longer. Therefore, the soaking time of medicinal liquor should also be determined according to the temperature at that time.